Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy, Sad, Scared, Estatic, Anxious, Excited, Worried = Tears

Dominic was accepted into Early Intervention yesterday! The director called here yesterday afternoon and asked if we'd be able to stop by and do a walk thru on the center and talk to us about the program. We jumped at it. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that this is a State Funded program for at risk children. They serve children with disabilities BUT you can pay if you would like to use them for preschool. Dominic was tested 7-05 and 1-06 and both evaluations showed that he's got some room for improvement. Since he does have a learning disability, he was accepted and we won't have to pay, for now. If he gets really smart...then we pay for the services. He starts on Monday! I can't believe so soon but they are ready to get their speech language therapist started on him.

The Director was very informative and talked to us for about 45 minutes. She answered all the important questions and she even said Dominic will be working on potty training there! Can you believe this!!?!? She told me peer pressure does wonders and when he sees all the other boys going that most likely he'll hop on board too. Things that worry me are the bus ride, schedule, following directions, and his bullying the other children. I'm also worried that when they go outside he may run away because he scales 5 ft chainlink fences in less than 30 seconds. Some of the items on the schedule I just can't see him doing. Here's some examples I'm reading on this sheet.

cleans up own materials when finished and before moving to another activity
puts materials back where they belong by matching objects to various shelving labels
At Circle time each child joins classmates and staff on the floor for daily routines

I'm excited but scared that this is going to be too hard for him or they are just going to get frustrated since he is so hyperactive and always on the go. I'm happy but sad too because he's been home with me for 3 yrs. Can you believe I've been staying home now for 3 yrs! Eek! The bus will pick him up around 8 AM and drop him off around 12PM. I don't know how Monday will go, if he will even ride. Right now in my mind I'm seeing a very eager Dominic ready to go on the bus but then the next minute I see him screaming like a monkey clinging to me crying. He's pretty unpredictable.

I cried on the way home and kept having tears come and go last night. Sending kids off to school is hard. Yes you're excited and happy but then you just come to realize that your baby isn't a baby anymore. He needs this so bad though. I am so scared he'll be held back if he doesn't start comprehending things and learning. There's only a few things he knows and actually understands. He should say more than "mamma drink, mamma train, mamma light." I can't figure anything out that he tries to tell me which frustrates him even more resulting in him hitting me or throwing something.

This weekend we will be shopping for school supplies, a bookbag, and a pack of Diapers and Wipes.


Jenn said...

Sabrina, that's wonderful news that Dominic was accepted to the Early Education Center! I hope everything works out perfectly and he does very well there! Good luck!!

Adam's Mom said...

Don't worry that the instructors will get frustrated with him, they are trained professionals and I think will work wonders. Kody goes to a special school and although they are tough on him it's been for the best. xxoo

Crystal said...

Hi Sabrina,

I'm glad that he was accepted early and I know that this will make a huge difference. Alex's brother son, (our nephew, duh) has a slight autism and he is 7 now. Ever since he was 3 our SIL knew there was something going on, but she just now took him to see a specialist, and he goes to a tutor before and after school that helps him. He is whip smart, but doesn't comprhend things like he should, I guess. Anyhoo, keep us posted and prayers with you.