Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fried Brain Ramblings, A Few Questions and Pics

It's way too early to have Dominic this excited. Today is going to be a LONG day.

I am so tired. I woke this morning to my dog whining to get out of his pet carrier, Dominic whispering "mamma......mamma", and my alarm going off all at 6 AM.

Alex is home sick today since she had a fever yesterday and they have the 24 Hour Rule. If you haven't heard of this it goes like this. If you child has been running a fever, they are to be feverless for 24 hours before returning to school. So technically speaking, she could return to school at around 2 PM today but I don't plan on running her up there for a hour. She feels fine and is playing with the daycare kids now.

I don't know what I was thinking when I woke Damien up at 7:30 this morning. He's ate 10 oz formula and refuses to eat cereal. He's been that way lately with refusing solids and would rather eat a bottle. I offer his fave's like sweet potatoes and squash but anymore he'll start screaming till I put a bottle in his mouth. Lil fart.

I have decided that I have to call my dr's office and make an appointment for the dreaded B C P (birth control pill) GAG! I have no choice, my body is in a terrible funk since I quit breastfeeding. I think I've gained 10 lbs since I quit and my cycles are really jacked up being so long that I can't chart temps for birth control. I'll have them check my thyroid too since that can mess with your cycles and weight. My mom has Grave's Disease so we're supposed to keep ontop of checking our thyroid "just in case." (sigh) I hope to God I never get it. Since we have no plans on having anymore kids, atleast for now, it's just the best thing for us to do and I wouldn't have to be wracking my brain on what this
stupid chart is trying to tell me.

Tonight is gymnastic night so I'll be on the treadmill (not like it's doing any good)walking and jogging away. I want to load up the MP3 player with some new music but I've never PAID for music on the internet. Yeah I did TONS of downloading before they started coming after people then I stopped. So my question is Where should I buy music at?? There's Itunes, Yahoo Music, and Music Match? What's the best provider? I have a Samsung Yeppi.

I have another question I might as well ask. I'm not a big makeup person anymore since having kids but I was thinking about buying some tinted moisturizer. My face is SO dried out around my nose and forehead, I'm scaling like a snake! Eek! Any suggestions??

Tuning up the Wiggles Guitar

Already reading the sports section. On the right, that's the K-State purple cat. I still am in SHOCK that K-State beat KU at basketball the other day. First time in 31 games!!!!!!!!

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UREWQ said...

Ethan has a 48 hour fever rule at his daycare. He has been having fevers on and off for a week now, we took him to the doctor yesterday but he was in an emergency and couldn't see Ethan and we have to take him today again.

I am glad to hear Alex is doing good.