Sunday, January 15, 2006

Me and My Bright Ideas

I've had some pretty good ideas and really bad ideas in my lifetime. We'll just say probably more bad than good. Some Very BAD examples would be

  • Drinking 8Ball till Passing Out and
    Smoking Cigs and Joints all as a Teenager
  • Skipping School and being caught
  • Buying a Dodge (piece of shit) Neon
  • Starting a Daycare (where was my mind?)
  • Having 3 kids in less than 5 yrs (bad for my sanity and my body)
  • Kicking Some Bitch's ass (she keyed my car afterwards)
  • Trying to Potty Train a Kid Early (won't go there again for awhile)
  • Getting High Speed Internet (because I'm online ALL DAMN DAY)

My daughter and I had a Light Bulb go off in our heads to take our 3 big dogs for a walk since it was such a FABULOUS day. Kansas weather in January should be in the 30's not the 60's! I placed the dogs on leashes and Alex, with her new pic taken talent, wanted to take a picture before we left. I look so lovely. (being sarcastic there) The dogs were so excited since I haven't walked them in probably a year and I should have known that 3 dogs weighing more than me is probably not a good idea to attempt. Oh but it looks so cute when you take more than 1 dog for a walk! We get about 1/4 mile from our house and the dogs hear barking from a fence. They try so hard to go from the road to this house and i'm having to pull with all my might to keep them on the road. Missy starts growling and the boys start sniffing the air smelling some wholesome goodness fighting to go to the fence. At first I'm not thinking anything of it until the 2 boys start growling at each other and I have three dogs on leashes tangled around me in the biggest brawl ever. Can we say DOG IN HEAT!?! YEAH! The boys we're out to kill each other, Missy was trying to go after Alexzandra because Alex freaked out and ran home leaving me with horny dog's gone wild. Finally after a few minutes and looking like a dumb idiot I'm sure by screaming at my moronic dogs trying to untangle us all, we walked home. My arms are so sore today.

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