Friday, January 13, 2006

Dom's Screening

Well Dominic had his Early Ed screening the other day and it looks like someone finally has realized he needs some extra help besides me and daddy!! I felt like all this time I've been talking to a wall. The screening had 7 areas they look at and they grade as adequate, recheck, or evaluate. Here's his scores.

#1 Hearing- Adequate
#2 Vision- Adequate
#3 Motor Skills--Fine Motor is Recheck and Gross Motor is Adequate
#4 Speech & Language- Language needs evaluated and Articulation needs rechecked
#5 Cognitive- Evaluate
#6 Social- Evaluate
#7 Self Help- Adequate

So the results are, he sees and hears everything ok and will do things on his own BUT he doesn't speak like a 3 yr old, he's very bossy and doesn't follow directions or pay attention for more than a few minutes. Also noted: Still in Diapers and Scribbles only

The 3-5 yr old staff will be calling us to schedule another more indepth screening this time around. I was hoping this would be the screening to tell us whether they may accept him in the program but it looks like he has to do a 3rd screening with these other specialists. If he can't get into their program then I will have to try to get him into Alex's grade school preschool program and if not there, well we'll find somewhere else because the boy needs 2 yrs of preschool. He's too high strung and disobedient to just put straight into Kindergarten. I can only imagine how many times I'm going to have to come get this guy from the principal's office.

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Sara said...

Hi Sabrina,

Just wanted to let you know first of all, I feel for you on the potty training thing. A few of my sisters' kids were late potty trainers, and I saw how frustrating it could be, especially when you didn't have much trouble with Alex.

As for the screening, it sounds promising. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I giggled at the thought of Dom in kindergarten and you coming to greet him at the principal's office every day. Yikes. :)