Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ummm yes could you please turn my phone on before I stick this cordless up your.......

This morning I was grief stricken when I tried posting on a blog only to find out I had lost my DSL connection. This happens every once in awhile, it's not uncommon, so I quickly clicked my wireless network connection key to disable and enable my router connection. Then I tried visiting another site and it still wouldn't connect. Now I'm getting abit annoyed. So I try connecting to Yahoo, Babycenter, and Myspace no luck and now I'm getting that white page saying Error Page Not Found because you don't have a connection you dumbass. Now I'm mad and biting my nails off as my whole morning is interupted. Oh yes I will admit I'm addicted to the internet. Blogs, Myspace, Babycenter, Yahoo, and can't forget EBAY! I run to the router and DSL box, unplug both and plug them back in to reset everything. Run to the PC, no to the laptop, no connection. I feel helpless, choking and I know if I call the phone company I'll be on the phone with a geeksquad dork that knows nothing because he's flipping to different cards and reading off their troubleshooting nonsense that never works. The only logical thing to do is call my hubby (computer genius) and whine to him about it...pick up the phone.....wait, no dial tone?? So now I realize that my phone too has been out for a hour. I look out the front door to see Southwestern Bell trucks out front. I figure they'll have it up soon but in the next two hours pick up my phone about 40 times to see if I have a dial tone yet. By this time I'm so steamed and about to go out to scream because I want on the internet, screw the phone. I get my shoes on, start for the door and suddenly the phone rings. Finally a phone connection! I hurry and get off the phone with my mom and jump back on the computer to fix my connection. I feel a relaxed calm come over me. (sigh) I know, I'm pathetic.

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