Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Master of Puppets

I was so happy when I jumped in the minivan today to take Miss Alex to gymnastics and heard some old kick ass Metallica and the song being Master of Puppets which is like 10 minutes long so it was on the whole drive to the YMCA. Ohhhh yeah. So by the time we're there I'm ready to do some hardcore butt kickin cardio but I was bit upset because it didn't look like there was any machines available. Now that the New Year is here, it's hard as hell to get a damn machine. I got the treadmill I wanted though but never could get on a recumbent bike. (sigh) Oh well. Of course the MP3 player is currently loaded with 100 Laurie Berkner, VeggieTales and Dora the Explorer songs so I had to squint my eyes and watch the news on their TV's. Nice.

So like I said below Potty training didn't go well, he won't tell me at all when he needs to go and even trying every hour he was throwing a fit when I tried putting him on the toilet. It was a miserable attempt. I will be toting around a 3 yr old in diapers as of next month. Do you think he'll be potty trained by the time preschool comes in August? Ugh, I hope so.

This morning I was running late....again. I woke up at 6:50 with my daughter standing next to my bed staring at me. One thing that scares the shit out me is waking up and having a kid standing there. When we get to those teen years and I piss them off for some reason or another, I plan on locking my door at night so they can't come and kill me in my sleep. So anyways running late I hurried and got around. Bus got here at 7:15 before I even finished Alex's lunch so I loaded up the kids and took it to her later. Then I knew any day now my food program lady would be coming but I didn't expect it to be today! I hadn't even started cooking when she showed up at 11:30 (the time I tell them I serve lunch) Because of my lateness I had to cook the whole meal infront of her, wash the kids hands, wash the table, etc. All a bit stressful when they are watching your every sanitary move. I passed though with flying colors. She noted my kitchen as clean on the form although to me it was a wreck, I had 1/2 the sink full of dishes. My next unannounced visit will be in May.

Speaking of my daycare, last night I received a call from Tasha who's son I have been watching for about 1.5 yrs. She told me a friend of her's 3 blocks from her house was now doing daycare so she was going to switch to her then told me if I NEEDED the money she'd have him come out for 2 more weeks. At first I was like "no, don't worry about it go ahead and switch" but now I'm a bit pissed off about the deal. Why? I have no idea, he was a little instigator and he and Dominic fought ALL THE TIME. I don't NEED to even do daycare, I just do so our kids have some playmates.

After getting THAT phone call, I settled on the couch for some TV which by the way I hardly ever get to watch. There was this new show called Emily's Why Not's that premiered and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this show. It was freakin hilarious. Also watched Wife Swap and The Bachelor. I think Mondays and Thursdays nothing will be done around my house since on Thursdays we have The Office, My Name is Earl and ER and that's 2 hours there. Since I can never get on the recumbent bike at the YMCA I might as well buy one and ride it for 2 hours on Mondays and Thursday so I can atleast feel alittle productive. And when does American Idol come back on? Oh boy I feel more pounds coming on, I'd better buy the bike this week.

And here's a few pics........

Only 6 months old and already acting like his brother by beating up on everyone.

My little Pigs in a Blanket. Don't ask what Dom's doing, atleast he isn't picking his nose like the Halloween pic.

Damien before he had plums all over the place the other night which BTW I have pics of that too where he's peeved bowing his back out with pursed lips. Don't think he cared for them too much. Well I guess now that I mentioned it I'll just dig out the pic off the tons on the camera and post it because it's hilarious how he goes from looking so sweet like this to looking like this. Nice, eh?


UREWQ said...


I love the new pics, especially the firt one where Dom and Damien are wearing the same t-shirt.

I hope Dominic starts being a bit more cooperative in the potty training Department...

TL said...

That arched back looks like the one we got when we tried green beans. I must say I could not blame her, they were nasty! Now she will throw down some big people green beans like crazy, can't say I blame her there either!!!

I LOVE The Office. I swear I work with some people like that, I have had a boss similar to that guy. I think I even had professors in college like him too.

I am ready for some Suvivor again, just to drive my husband insane on Thursday nights.

Lisa said...

Great pics !!!

Your days sound crazy !!!