Sunday, February 26, 2006

Alittle evening B-Ball to Bore Your Kids To Sleep

Took the kids last night to their first Hutch Juco basketball game last night and they loved it, for the most part. Towards the end, Dominic and Damien were getting fussy (and dozing) so we left with about 2 minutes left on the game at about 10:10. The kids haven't been up that late for a very long time! Hutch won, Butler lost but it was back and forth the whole game. Butler has always been hard to beat, that's why I wanted to go to the game in the first place. Here's Damien with his fuzz hair wondering why sissy is taking his picture.
Alex enjoyed watching the cheerleaders. She watched them intensely. Are you diggin those stick on earrings? Both kids ate a huge thing of popcorn that's mainly all they cared about. We were in the van for only a few minutes before they were all 3 out.


Alison said...

I knew I wasn't the only one who made my kid a fuzz head after a bath! :)

All kids asleep -- it's a beautiful feeling. :)

catbird said...

I love those stick on earrings!