Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cake Dominic

The best day ever ended pretty well. What a difference your day can make where you're minus 3 extra kids. We ended up going to CiCi's Pizza to eat for dinner and after that my cousin Cody was in town so we went to my Aunt Cindy's house to see the family. Cody, 21, is in the Marine's training in California to go over to Iraq. He showed up on Valentine's Day on the door step of his Mom's house, she had no idea he was coming home and since they live in BFE too, she answered the door with handgun. He's leaving monday to finish training in California before he goes overseas. My aunt had a big Birthday bash for him, who knows how many people were there, young and old we all had alot of fun. Dominic was so excited about the birthday cake with the 1/2 naked barbie doll on top. Everyone asked, "what's your name?" His answer? "Cake Dominic! Cake Dominic!" So my cousins and their friends started calling him Cake Dominic. Everyone thought he was so funny and just a load of fun. Maybe they should come live with me. Most of the "younger" peeps, were drinking and playing beer games on the back porch. WE should have been out there too drinking having a good ol time too but instead we were inside with the Aunts, Uncles, parents and grandparents discussing the kids. I kept looking outside and telling Dave we should go out there and his answer was "we need to keep an eye on Dominic" since there was so many people there, but I'm sure one of them could have watched him for us. Oh well.

Tonight our Hutch Juco team is playing Butler Co and I think we're taking all 3 kids and going. It'll be a blast because Butler is the hardest team for HCC to beat. I love basketball but Dave's more of the football type. He's really just going for me, but that's what he should do huh?

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