Friday, February 24, 2006

No Daycare Kids!!!!

This is just a quick post. Today I had NO DAYCARE KIDS! Can we say VACATION?? Holy crap this is the best day ever!!!! The kids have been outside, Damien's napped, I got lots of housework done, and we all got to play together. I wish this happened more often! It really got me ready for this summer since I probably won't be doing much daycare since I watch for a teacher. I can't wait to take the kids to the park daily and to the water parks. Dominic's old enough now to do alittle crawfishin and Oyster huntin in Cow creek. Mandi maybe you can play with us this summer?? Remember those days behind Grandma's house?


Adam's Mom said...

WOO HOO What a day!!!!!!!!! You deserve it!!

Kristi Ann said...

Dontcha just LOVE those days!!! I hope you have MANY more!