Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Nose Hasn't Been Itchin

Yesterday was the strangest thing. I had 2 friends call whom I haven't talked to forever. The calls were within hours of each other almost like they saw my name on TV or in the sky and said "ya know, I need to call Sabrina!" One of them has gotten a divorce and called to fill me in. The other a still single no kids gal, is working at DisneyWorld and called to fill me in on what's going on there. I was happy they called me as I just mentioned a few posts ago about losing touch with people after having kids. They don't read my blog so it's just weird that they checked in!

Today I had a job referral interview with a business in town about a friend, Jennifer. This gal I haven't talked to since October yet she's listing me on interviews as a personal reference. I don't mind....too much....but at least call me to say hi every once in awhile. I felt a bit strange doing the interview because I hadn't talked to her for quite a long time. This has happened before it's not the first time. A friend in Wichita was having businesses call for interviews left and right and I hadn't spoke to her in a year. Now it's been almost 6 yrs. Sad. (sigh) Here's the deal. I feel like people assume they can count on me because I know what to say. You'll believe in Santa Clause by the time I'm through with you on the phone. I had this woman today thinking Jennifer was an Angel sent from above. I can sprinkle so much BS through a phone line and you'd think I was the most honest to God person, that's how good I am. My experience is from years of customer service on the phones and being a Manager myself. I know exactly what these people want to hear, what they're going to ask, etc. I remember doing those interviews and being such a nervous wreck. Now I know those people were probably lying through their teeth because alot of my employees were pieces of crap! My phone experience can be credited to a telemarketing firm and an account phone position I had before becoming a SAHM. I learned there how to word things perfectly to make people believe even the dumbest crap. Anyways the point is, don't make me do this unless we've been in contact lately. I hate doing it when I haven't spoken to someone forever and I don't want to look like I'm really not as close to the person as I say I am. There.

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Adam's Mom said...

I used to give perfect references until I became manager and hired losers who had good references. Now I give them the goods in a round about way "She was a good worker but wouldn't do more than what was expected" (translation: LAZY SACK) Sometimes I'll tell them straight up "Do you have other candidates? Go for your back up" I can be so mean!