Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Shelf

Today I took my first Birth Control Pill! I actually took 2 months worth in 2003 and then before that I hadn't taken them since 8-1999. I don't really mind the pill, never had problems in the past except for the weight side effect. When I got these 2 sample packs a few weeks ago, they told me this was just to start and I won't get a prescription till I come in for a blood pressure check. I've never had to do that before when on the pill so I'm not sure why this is a requirement now except for maybe because I had high blood pressure with the pregnancies and now they are concerned? Dunno. This is a new start I suppose. I wouldn't mind having another kiddo down the road although my OB's office would probably shit giving me a 4th C-section, but I'm pretty sure Dave is done with having kids so therefore I started on the pill again. We had talked about a V or tubal but it's just too permanent for either of us to consider right now. Our parents would all shit if they heard that. They are SURE 3 is enough. LOL Dave's already told me that he's afraid he'll regret doing the V later on.

The new start will also consist of vigorous exercise to get rid of these extra pounds. It's pretty depressing that I went from 122 lbs my senior year of highschool to 180 lbs ten years later. Something has to be done. Now the weight is not just the only problem though. Some C mommies reading this will know of something on our bodies called THE SHELF. Dave has come to accept The Shelf he's ok with it for the most part, not impressed but he knows it comes with the territory of having C sections. Some reading this are probably saying "what the hell is the shelf?" The shelf is this horrible bulge of skin that sags about 4 inches on your tummy from dead muscles that doing 5,000 situps a day, you will not and can not lose it. It's depressing. How weird is it to have a size 9 waist but you can't wear anything but a size 14 jean because your lower gut is too big to fit into smaller jeans. This is my dilemma. I know that a tummy tuck is the best way for me to get back to normal but this is totally useless if we're not done having kids. My objective for now is to lose as much as possible and I guess live with the shelf till we are for sure done with kids. I thought about taping this post on the mirrors throughout the house and by the toilet. Reading it, I'll never miss a pill or want to have another child ever again.


Kristi Ann said...

You are is to soon to do something THAT permenent...besides with kids like yours...who could blame you for maybe wanting more!

Angi said...


I know what you are talking about with, "The Shelf". I haven't had a C-Section but with vaginal delivery just being pregnant I developed and it seems women that have been pregnant before have developed, "The POOCH". lol It's the excess sagging of skin below your belly button that no matter what you do, it's not going away! Are "The Shelf" and "The pooch" related? lol