Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Damien's First Ear Infection

I knew something wasn't right this morning with Damien when I went in and woke him up. He'd been messing with his ears on Monday some but to go in while the guy was asleep and find his hand on his ear while asleep, I knew it probably was an ear infection. The kid's Dr had always told me when your child is calm the best way to tell if they have an ear infection is to press the ear from the back of the lobe sorta in and up alittle. I did it on the right, he whimpered in his sleep. Then I tried from the left and again he started whimpering and also started to get really mad. Not to torture him, but I did it again from the right and his lips puckered up. I called and told the receptionist I was sure it's a double ear infection but he hadn't had a temp yet. Took him in and sure enough it was a double with both ears blazing red and he now weighs 20lbs 8oz!! The backup Dr. (ours was off) also looked at my daughter since she's constantly saying her ears bother her. Just fluid again, no infection but the drums are streaked with some red. It's a never ending battle with her ears. I was glad that she looked without pulling her chart and charging me an extra copay because some Dr's will. I've had pretty good luck with the Dr's at this clinic and get a 2 for 1 deal everytime I hint. Now I don't just come out and say "By the Way, can you look at her ears too?" It's more like "she's been in here 3 times the past few months on her ears and she's still saying they are bothering her. I don't know what to do." After droppin that bomb, she wanted to look at them and see if they weren't infected again. Tonight, after double dosing him with Ammoxicillin, he's doing better but I've used up all the Motrin and Tylenol on him. Those little bottles go so fast. He hates the eardrops though and I've had to hold him down, put his head in a vice grip just to put them in his ears while he's screaming bloody murder and turning purple from being so pissed at me. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


Kristi Ann said...

Ouch! poor poor baby! i HATE ear infections! (having had my 1st one ever a couple of months ago...and a double one at that) Your poor poor son! *snuggles to him*

Angi said...

Awww I hope he feels all better soon! Poor guy :(