Thursday, February 16, 2006

Overworking Myself Again

Today is a busy one and not a good day to be doing daycare. I volunteered months ago to cook Chicken Noodle Soup for the teachers at my dd's school for Parent Teacher Conferences. Not really that big a deal but factor in 6 kids (three under 14 months and three at age 3) and it's going to be a tricky one. I made brownies for my daughters Daisy troop and have to still prepare the goodie bags I have for them. So far while I've been slaving away in the kitchen, I've had Nicholas dumping the diaper bags out and climbing on things and Kaelynn decided to pick up Damien and drop him on his stomach. He was more scared than anything. Tonight when we get home, I'm throwing the kids in bed and running to bed. My mother was going to watch the boys tonight while we went to the Parent Teacher conference and Daisy's but after her spat about the house the other night I decided not to have her do it.

Has anyone heard this? I heard today that Neil Estwhistle, MA, the dad who killed his baby and wife and then ran off to England, has pled Not Guilty. The Defense is saying there's no evidence as proof that he was the killer. No evidence? What about his father inlaws gun with her and his DNA on it? It makes me sick seeing that precious little girl on TV and just to think he shot her in the stomach and she was alive for awhile after he did it. He needs to rot in hell and I will tell you now when he goes to prison, he'll die within the first year. Know why? My husband worked for the Kansas Dept of Corrections and I guess child molestors and child killers are the ones who are beaten and tortured to death by other inmates, especially by the ones who have kids. Oh well!


Adam's Mom said...

First off: your day sounds like HELL! I only had one child and I'm beat right now!

Second: that asshole needs to be shot in the groin and left to die - an eye for an eye I say!

Alison said...

Even criminals know that you don't mess with children (not that messing with adults is okay). I agree with adam's mom -- I think that is a fitting punishment.