Friday, February 17, 2006

I Can't Believe How Far She Has Come

I was thinking today on how long it's been since I've talked to a good friend of mine named Kathy. Kathy and I have been friends for about 10 yrs, I met her through another friend, Brenda. Brenda used to live with Kathy till one day Brenda got pregnant, moody and their friendship went down the tubes. They disliked each other quite a bit and I was always the middle man listening to it from both ends. Kathy and I hung out quite a bit at the bars, working out, shopping till one day I got pregnant with Alex. Now we've went from talking 4-5 times a year to maybe once a year. It really sucks, I miss her. Same thing with Stephanie, Char, and Terri. No kids so we just don't have much in common anymore. It just sucks so bad.

The only people I hang out with now are at school functions, Daisy meetings, or gymnastics. I would consider some of Alex's friend's mothers really good friends now like April, Lori, Carole, Kristi and Kylie. We gab about everything dealing with the kids, TV shows, food etc and I don't feel like I need to shut up because I'm boring them. My good old friends however I do. It makes me sad.

So this next paragraph is something I can't just jump on the phone with one of my old friends and say "OMG! Get this!" Because they probably wouldn't find it much of any interest or would just say "neat!" to be nice. Alex's Parent Teacher Conference went great. We rushed around eating quickly to run out the door with all 3 kids in tow, my crockpot of Chicken Noodle soup for the teachers, and brownies/Valentines for the Daisy troop. I got there right at 6PM, dropped off the soup and we ran to the conference. Alex is doing extremely well in school. Her teacher went over everything and had nothing but positive things to say on her progress. It's amazing how this little person you've watched grow from birth has achieved so much in such a short span of time. She is reading like a champ, doing very well at simple math equations, and FINALLY can tie her shoes. She's trying to write sentences. Seeing her sentences floored me. She seriously knows what she wants to say and tries to write it. It is awesome.


Lisa said...

I know what you mean about friends without kids . I have found the same .

It looks like Alex is doing awesome in her school work.

Kristi Ann said...

hey! I totally realte to the friends without kids thing. We actually only have one couple that didnt have kids left as friends, the others just kinda faded away! But true friendship weathers it all. Alex is getting so big!! yeah on her doing well in school! hugs to her...oh yeah, and I cant believe how BIG damien is, next to that little girl who is 14 mos! HOLY MOLY! :)

Adam's Mom said...

Oh I can't wait to see the things Adam will accomplish! Reading your post makes me excited for things to come!