Monday, February 20, 2006

Dom's 3 years old!!!

It's offical! He's 3! I think he had a really good party and he may have realized more this year that it was his birthday. Birthday parties have been rather hard with him in the past because he doesn't quite understand IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY. We never can get him to open presents, he just thinks everyone has came over to say hi. His favorite toy was the Thomas video with a Fergus train in it. Second is this dinosaur my sister got him.

It was fun seeing him getting into it though. That shirt he's wearing is from an AWESOME store I found online called
All Aboard Toys and was only $7.49! Parents you will love this site because they carry all the cool characters that kids want everything of and they do free shipping if you spend over $69. I tried to hold back some on how much I spent for his party this year. I wanted him to have a few friends, give goodie bags, have cake n icecream, and play a few games. I tried handmaking a few things. Please don't laugh! I made this Thomas on posterboard and we called it pin the #1 on Thomas. It was so cute seeing the kids blindfolded putting these #1's on him.
I got the whole thing done in a hour, thank god, and after that Dominic went straight to his room to watch his new Thomas show and went right to sleep. I had NOTHING to do after that either since my house was so spotless from being a cleaning freak before this party. I felt lost!!!!!


Adam's Mom said...

aaaaaaaaawwwwww look at him all conked out - what a cutie pie! Great job on the thomas - very impressive! Happy Birthday little man!

Shana said...

Happy birthday!

It's my Nana's birthday also, so of course I think it's a wonderful day to be born. Yikes, THREE!!!

Kristi Ann said...

So cute all tuckered out!

Angi said...

Awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINIC!!!! I don't get it Sabrina... he looks so sweet and innocent! lol