Friday, February 03, 2006

So who watched Bush's State Of The Union address the other day? I didn't because I'm tired of it all plus I never understand what the hell he's trying to say! Did he make up any new words that we can add to the English Vocabulary? I still believe the "internets" is my favorite. Any new funny Bushisms? Did you know that if you still GOOGLE the word Failure and hit I'm feeling lucky it'll take you to President Bush's Biography?? No wonder the White House wants Googles records of searches. When this whole War started I thought it was the right thing to do and honestly I think it was great when they took Saddam out of power but now I think it's gone too far. When will this end? How many more people need to die over there? Dominic was about 2 months old when this whole deal started and he'll be 3 yrs this month.

This 18 yr old kid in our county was killed by a road side bomb a week ago. I think they've said about 65 from Kansas have died. 18!! 18!!! They put his picture in the paper and all I could think of was how sad it is that this KID hadn't even really experienced life except to graduate school and go straight to Iraq. You can't even drink till 21, wonder if the lad had even bought cigs legally? Had he even had sex? It's just really sad and from the way it sounds by reading the paper of the details of his address, it's not going to end anytime soon.

Guess this says it all right here in this pic.


Adam's Mom said...

aaahhh yes the political debate over the war ... So very thankful I am up here and don't really have to be a part of things! We just elected a new leader for Canada and apparently he and Bush are cut of the same mold ... I am a little worried...

By the way, I love the last photo LOL

Kristi Ann said...

Love the last picture! i agree about the need for the war to end...praying it does soon.