Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Teacher Called

This morning I sent Dominic off to school. He was resistant. GULP. I hope it was just a fluke and this doesn't become an everyday thing. I received a phone call on Monday from his teacher Kristi. She wanted to call and let me know how things are going. GULP. His teacher says he's starting to warm up more to school this week. The first two weeks he was confused and didn't understand they have a schedule they stick to. She provided him with cards and then he would match the cards to a center in the room to do an activity such as a card with a house would mean go play in the house area. Monday, he was tired of the cards though and she told me he started throwing them when given to him. That does not surprise me. She said now that he's settled in, he's also starting to show some aggression. He says "no" "go away" and has started slapping at the teachers when they try pulling him away from what he's working on. He absolutely hates snack time because they never have anything he wants. He'll try to run off from the table if they sit him down for snack. She told me that "he will not win" and that she's not going to give into what he wants. God I hope she can stick to that because here I give in all the time just to shut his freakin mouth or so he doesn't beat the shit out of me. On a positive note though, she informed me that he is a lovable guy and during circle time he sits on one of the teacher's laps. He just wants his way all the time and when he doesn't get it, he gets angry and acts out. Well this is what I've been dealing with forever, I'm happy to hear someone else is going to try fixing the problem. When I joke about needing Nanny 911, I'm not kidding. When you see those kids beating the crap out of their siblings on TV and beating their mom, that's what it's like here and he hasn't even turned 3 yet.

On another note, I went to my pill appointment yesterday. When I called in originally (2 wks ago) I told the nurse I was spotting and getting ready for AF. She told me I STILL would need to come in and take a pregnancy test. So when I went in yesterday and dealt with another nurse she said I should have called in and told them AF started and they could have gave me a sample pack immediately to start. Well that's not what the other nurse said. SO I had a blood preg test done for no reason (they did it before the nurse came in to talk to me) and after talking to the nurse they were just going to throw my blood out and not charge me since I was only like on CD12 and there's no way I would have ovulated yet. Instead of wasting my precious blood, I asked if they could test my thyroid with it and see if I'm doing ok since I haven't in about 2 yrs. I'm supposed to do this yearly since my Mother, Grandpa, and Uncle all have Grave's Disease. Maybe that's the reason for my insanely long cycles, I doubt but it's worth a shot. So anyways now because of this nurse and her boo boo, I'm supposed to use condoms for 2 months since the first month of taking the pill, it's not real effective. The nurse tells me I should start my period by the beginning of March and THEN start taking the pills and I had to laugh at her and say "try April because instead of 28 days it's more like 50-60." She told me that breastfeeding can do a number on your cycles for about 6 months after quitting and so she thinks that I'll be ovulating again soon so my cycle may be shorter this time around. Uh yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

Last night Miss Priss had gymnastics and I went into the gym to workout. I'm not nervous anymore about it and it's nice seeing familiar faces every Tuesday. I think I had posted before about how everyone seems to know each other and I felt like an outsider. Well now I get smiles and I know how to use all the equipment so I don't feel like a dumbass. It's so busy, I wish I could go at other parts of the day but we know that isn't happening unless I go at 5 AM. At 6:15 every machine but this stair stepper was being used. I got the last treadmill out of like 25 of them. You can use each machine for 30 minutes so at each 15's of the hour people would switch out. It was nuts.

Tonight Alex starts the Little Cat's Cheerleading deal again. They do 2 practices and then cheer at the basketball game on Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see what the cheer will be this time. The highschool girls do some really catchy phrases. The last game was "the Little Cats are here....shhh reeer! (sound like a cat there) The other chant was "our team is Red Hot our team is Hot Hot. Our team is Red Hot, we can't be stopped stopped." I camcorded it and LOVE watching it. She's so into it. I'm sure she'll want to pursue cheerleading in middle & highschool.

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Sara said...

Hi Sabrina,

Wow, a lot has gone on since I last had time to check your blog. :) Love all the pics, especially the one where the doggy's licking Damien's snot. Abby does that with the boys, too. So gross. The guinea pig is hilarious! Ha! Very cute.

Also, sounds like the teacher at Dom's school really knows what she's doing. I'm sure it's nerve wracking, though, because you're always wondering what he'll do next while he's away. lol. Maybe you should nominate yourself for Nanny 911. LOL. Just kidding. That would be really cool though. We could all watch you on TV.