Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was really nice but busy. Dave woke me up at 6AM to give me my gift since he was going to work. He really knows me well as I got 4 tubes of Bath and Bodyworks Lotion and the new Nickelback CD. I bought him a Men's giftset from Avon. We bought Dominic a Spongebob play kit and Alex the last missing set for her Dora Talking Playhouse. We went to Gymnastics at 6 (I worked out) and at 8:30 we went to the cheerleading Little Cats deal which I plan to post the video as soon as I can get to it.

My night ended pretty shitty however. We showed up when the flyer said to for the Little Cats performance but my sister was yelling at me about being late. She thinks I'm late to everything. I just about punched her ass for trying to make a fool out of me infront of all the other parents. When we came home, (my mother watched the boys) my mom made a point to tell me my house was a disaster. It was so perfectly clean at 2 in the afternoon, naptime. As soon as school gets out, kids get up from nap, and supper is served, it gets dirty again. Put that into perspective plus running out the door at 5:45 and returning at 7:15 after gymnastics then getting the boys bathed and ready for bed, and then running to this cheerleading thing, I just hadn't had time to clean for the evening. Well she made sure I knew it looked like shit and she does this EVERYTIME she comes over. Dave says my mother and sister can't find anything wrong with our perfect life so they have to find things to shit on me about. For example:

They are both in debt to their eyes vs we owe just on our house and a little on our van
They both always have problems with their hubbies vs Dave and I for 12 yrs now have never had any major spats on anything.
J my sister also HATES that I get to stay home and makes it a point to complain about that

Anyways until that evening I had a really good day. Alex's school party went well and the kids had so much sugar from the cookies and brownies us mom's brought that I'm sure they were all jumping off the walls last night. She brought home her Valentine's and opened them all up, almost everyone gave candy so all the candy I gave away in grab bags pretty much came right back. (sigh) She loves her balloons that I bought and the highschoolers delivered to her class. I bet she felt pretty special! Dominic got his Valentine bag today. The teachers made their bags with canvas cash bags and sponge painted hearts on them. They are so neat! He got tons of candy too although I didn't send any because I figured the kids were so young that no one probably would. Oh well. Now I have to hide it so I don't try to eat it all.


Deanne said...

Hey Sabrina! Sorry about your mom and sis trying to make you feel like crap. You should be proud of the life you and Dave have built together! You are a great mom and person, don't let them get you down.


Angi said...


Sounds like a great Valentines day minus the whole sis and mom stuff. Don't you let them get to you, you rock. OF course houses get dirty when children play in it! It is IMPOSSIBLE when you have kids to have a clean house. Just doesn't exist. Your mom must have forgotten what it was like when you were kids. lol. That was really sweet of you to send the balloons to your daughter. My mom did that a few times for me, and it really made my day! :) Glad you had a great day over all.

Adam's Mom said...

I am sorry your mom and sis put you down! I don't understand that - you are my hero for what you put up with in a single day! Hugs!