Monday, March 13, 2006

The Demons Have No Plans on Leaving

There's still demons in my ears. Ugh this just sucks. According to my dr I have

Otitis media with effusion is a buildup of fluid in the middle ear behind the
eardrum without symptoms of infection. Which means there's no ear infection, my ears are just in a pressure cooker right now since my tubes are blocked and this fluid has no where to go. An ear infection would have been nicer to have because meds would have gotten rid of the pain that first day. Here we are 4 days later and my ear is still pounding and I'm having a hard time walking straight. I've been constantly plugging my nose to get my ears to pop but it's not enough to make the pressure go away. The echos are the worst.

This weekend was so nice. We stayed home all weekend, no plans at all, those are the best. The weather was awesome so we were outside a bit. We played kickball with Alex, Dominic ran and round and played on the swingset and Damien got to ride in the wagon. We BBQ'd both Saturday and Sunday. Dave cleaned the hot tub since we had some junk in there. It was almost like someone had chipped away at a bar of soap and put it in the water. I think either our suits had soap in them or there was some chemical reaction. Who knows it's fixed now.

Damien has started crawling the correct way, forward that is. Before he was going everywhere backwards but now he's learned to shuffle his knees and move his arms to go forward. Another thing we noticed was that Dominic's language skills are just unbelieveable now. It's still hard to understand him but he's saying alot more words and sentences now. He's saying "I love you Mommy" or "Thank You Very Much" and my favorite that he says to us about 20 times a day is "Hi, My name's Dominic" LOL

Last night was a veg night as The Sopranos and Big Love were both on. The Sopranos was great as usual. I can't believe AJ's hair is so long! Silvio looked like he'd gained some weight. Then came Big Love. After watching Big Love, Dave has decided he's going to move us to Utah and look for a few more wives to live with us. HA HA! Right! He really liked the fact that each night the guy switched to a different wives bed. Obviously he's never heard much about Polygamy and how it all works. I think I was well informed back in 2002 from Tom Green when he went on TV talking all about it with his 7 wives. Anyways as much as Dave might want it, we will not being moving to Utah. LOL
Here's a few more pics before I go from this weekend.

Dave showing Damien how to play Need For Speed 2

Here's Alex wearing her Cinco De Mayo Dress. She's been in this "I wanna wear a dress" phase. Ugh! This is the one she picked out. I tried to tell her this was a special occasion dress but she won't listen so I let her wear it but told her we couldn't just buy another if she got it dirty or messed it up since it's from some poor villager down in Mexico that stalked my dad till he bought it.


Alison said...

Yuck. I hope your ears are feeling better soon. Did the doctor say what caused it?

Sounds like you had a great weekend (despite the ear thing). :)

I meant to watch Big Love, but missed it. I'm sure it will be on again this week, so I can catch it. :)

Beth Fish said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend, well, other than the pain and echos. Hope you feel better soon.

Kristi Ann said...

Poor thing!! Alex looks soooo pretty in her dress, no wonder she wants to wear it all the time! And I love the pic of Dave with damien! LOL Too cute! So you have one of those hubby's too huh? LOL