Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

So I know how much everyone loves watching kid videos and I just happened to make another for your viewing pleasure. It's all about Lil D so you just KNOW it's gonna be good. Even put alittle AC/DC in there. Please no kool-aid out the nose from laughing, k?

Thanks for all the comments about my son's eh hem, favorite toy. I'm glad there's other's out there who can let me know that it'll pass. Best part is, I'll probably be dealing with this fun subject when Damien's older. Maybe he can be alittle more low key about it.

Lisa- Sad thing is I'm SUPPOSED to wear glasses. LOL Here I even have a picture of how totally dorky I look in them. And just look at Damien staring like "who the hell are you?" or maybe that's the "I'm going to rip those things off your face in a second when you're not looking."

Kooki- you made me feel so much better. If you have a blog, I'd love to read since you have BOYS! I know I have alot more coming to me down the road and I'm sure you have all kinds of stories. Maybe you could email me a link.

KristiAnn- oh yeah! Sammy's the same age! I'm glad you're "there" as well. LMAO

Thanks to Angi, Tawny, Tuesday, and then Rhonda, Sheri, and Sara who will probably be there down the road sooner or later. LOL

I think our whole town has been deeply saddened by the fact that a newborn baby girl was found dead in someone's yard. I joked awhile back about Baby Jesus being found. Someone had stole him from a Nativity scene and placed him out about a 1/2 mile from my house at this intersection. It was funny. Well this was only about a mile from here as well but it was a real baby girl. Someone obviously was hiding their pregnancy and dumped her body near a creek out here in the country. This man's dog was down at the creek, found the body and brought it to his back porch. The freakest part of all this is, it was a house that Dave and I looked at buying about a year ago a nice 5 bedroom 3 bath. If we would have bought that house and this would have happened? I'm sure I'd be dead from the mental aspect of it. It would have traumatized me if I would have found her. She weighed 5 lbs and was 20 inches long, full term. The autopsy didn't show how she died, and they can't tell her race. Our town even has a thing where you can drop any baby off at a police station or hospital no questions asked. This woman didn't even do that. I'm sure it was a young girl too afraid to tell her parents. So sad!

Other than that, not alot going on here today. Daycare is the same ol Same ol. I honestly wish I would have taken Spring Break off just to spend with the kids. I've only got 2 daycare kids this week but still. I really should do a contract to where I get paid a minumum amount when parents don't bring a child for a week. I'm missing out on $140 not watching the teacher's kids this week. K and K's mom was supposed to call yesterday for her total she owes me and she didn't. Grrrr............. Off to making lunch.


Kristi Ann said...

Sabrina- I LOVE the clip!!!! In the beginning it loos like he is jammin!! I love how you cut in andf out of tantrums! BUt I love that part where it looks like he is at the jacuzzi, and he is SOOO excited! GREAT video!! Hey..I have a ?.... Do you have to pay for that clicker picture thing you have? I love it!

rach said...

Sabrina I about peed my pants with that clip. OH MY GOSH!

Rhonda said...

The video is hilarious! So many people only video the good things there kids do! Thanks for sharing the NORMAL side of having kids!

The daycare I had Big Z at was contracted that I had to pay for the week whether or not she was there, even over the summer. So, when school was out, I either took her to have time to myself or paid the lady even though she was not there. For the summer, if she could find a "replacement" child then I did not have to pay her. There were lots of working parents that needed older kid care for the summer, so I got lucky there. Also, I had to pay her every Friday.

Adam's Mom said...

that video is hilarious! Perfect music too LMAO!

That is so sad about that baby! I just can't imagine doing something like that - it breaks my heart!