Friday, March 17, 2006

It's The Waiting, You See, That's The Hardest Part

I was such in a hurry to go out to eat last night that when I pulled my pants down to pee, my cell phone fell in the toilet. I'm waiting to see if it'll air dry out and work again. If not I just lost 8 cool ringtone songs. Grrrrr.............

It's not very often that we just say "Hey let's go to Applebees!" But last night was one of those nights. It doesn't happen often because you have to go through a dang checklist it seems everytime you try. You can't just jump in the car and go, everything has to be just right.

I just made that up but that's pretty much everything we look at before attempting to get out the door. Kids were hungry, we got there and was informed there was a 15-20 minute wait. Dave cringed, I sighed and said "it'll probably go faster than that." I wouldn't doubt if we waited 30 minutes but we didn't have a watch or a cell phone on us to confirm that. I went in twice asking if we were about to be called and finally we were and they KNEW I was annoyed let me tell ya. LOL Our wait consisted of Dominic trying to run circles around people, Damien whining as we traded him back and forth, Dominic giving everyone hugs, Dominic crawling on the dirty floor, Dominic crying because he hit his head on the door, Dominic kicking Alex in the head when Dave tried to restrain him from running around, Alex crying from being kicked in the head, and Damien pulling wads of my hair out. Now THAT was just the wait. We sat down, ordered drinks, Dominic kept peering over the booth saying "hi" to this old retired couple who left soon after Dominic started playing with his Toby Train on the back of the booth by the dude's head. Damien jumps around in his highchair annoyed and starts getting that vocally agitated voice, not crying but the grumpy "you'd better do something soon before I start bawling" voice. Started him on crackers which he just kept throwing on the floor on purpose. Alex was pretty good but kept saying "I'm hungry, when's our food going to be here?" OVER AND OVER AND F'in OVER. We waited and waited and waited, finally the food shows. Next a couple sat behind us for about 5 minutes. Dominic constantly saying "hi" sticking his arms over the booth, we reason over and over with him to stop it, finally 5 minutes is up and the couple and their kids move one more booth down the row. We get our food, eat and get the hell out of there but not before Dominic starts screaming because he wants a balloon because he sees other kids getting them as their leaving.

This is where you'll see why I'm so against dog breeding and breeders. I had the pleasure (saying that sarcastically of course) of visiting some asshole couple 6 yrs ago that had a puppy mill where my Father In-Law got a free mini pin puppy because his nose was deformed. I never knew what they were till then and since then breeders are scum sucking shit in my eyes. There were dogs in rabbit cages everywhere with crap caked to their bodies, syringes laying everywhere, and a single car garage with rabbit cages attached to it all the way around with about 100 dogs or so in the cages. It smelt so bad, I went back to the car and cried and when Dave's dad got in he told me he was so sorry for bringing me but he just had to get this puppy away from here.

I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts how I'd love to have another Dachshund so Bailey would have a friend. I'm always on Petfinder looking in our town or nearby towns that may have even a small dog. I found a Pug a month ago and she was gone by the time Dave got there, well just so happens there is a dach named Sally at our pound who looks identical to our Bailey and is 7 1/2 yrs old like him too. I BEGGED Dave to go down there with me yesterday and he did. He's not so sure of another dog, we have 4, 3 are huge. He looked at her, looked at me and shook his head. Sally looked at Dave while she layed on her little bed in her cage and walked up to the fence to him and stood on her back legs just staring at him. I had been there earlier and she wanted no part of me. LOL It was a sign. I told him "Dave look she likes you!" He still wasn't going for it. We took her in a getting to know you room while someone came to talk to us about these tumors on her belly. He told us they were called Inlet Mammary Tumors and they just need to be taken off but they weren't sure how much that was going to add to the $100 adoption fee. I was so stupid that I didn't fill out an adoption paper when I was there the first time that now I'm the 2nd in line for her if the first person won't pay the surgery cost. Her belly is full of these tumors, they look like marbles all in her lower area by her little nipples. Her crotch is so swollen. After studying a few things on her I told the guy "this dog was strictly used for breeding, you can tell, and I'm sure the tumors are from blocked milk ducts not being taken care of." How wrong was I. We left with the please let us know ASAP deal. I was crushed that someone was before me on wanting her. We came home and GOOGLED the condition. I heard Dave say "oh no" while I was in the front room dressing kids for bed. Come to find out it's a cancerous condition from breeding a dog too young and too often.

Tears, folks, Tears formed and I started to bawl. Dave felt horrible for even looking it up. I told him she didn't deserve that at all, she's the sweetest baby, so timid, no wonder. Who knows if those tumors are painful. I had a very hard night after finding this out when we got home. Even in bed I was up late just thinking how SICK this bastard was for taking her to the pound because she was no longer good to them. Can't breed a dog with fucked up mammary glands can ya? I'm so upset about the whole deal. I'm going to call my own vet while we wait for the pound vet to put a price on the surgery. If they're cancerous she'll need chemo, radiation, the whole 9 yards. If you met her you'd understand why this is worth it. I was so sad leaving her there shaking from fear of the echos of 50 dogs all in the same building as her. I don't know whether to hope and pray that other person will take her and pay all the costs or pray that we'll be blessed with her. So for now we just wait.....tears form again.


Shana said...

Oh, I HATE it when eating out goes like that. You want to go out for a nice relaxing meal, but forget it... the kids have other plans.

That is so sad about the little dog. Poor thing.

Kristi Ann said...

Hey there-Sorry your dinner went so rotten! Thats why we rarely go out to eat. It is just to hard to entertain AND enjoy a meal. So if we go out we leave them with Popo and Papa. I am glad you and dave are trying to help that poor dog. I wish I could get one!

Adam's Mom said...

aaawww that poor doggy! makes my heart break!

As for going out for supper OMG I was always laughing at my sisters for never going out to eat and then one night we had a family dinner and I figured out why! It was exactly at you described but there were 6 kids involved - UGH! I'm so glad Adam is transportable right now!

catbird said...

My God, that poor little helpless dog is the saddest thing I've heard of! I hope you get her. Sucks about dinner. My sister goes crazy the same way. She's got four kids! No idea how you guys do it!