Thursday, March 09, 2006

I have some new videos. I went to Clip Shack because it's alot easier to get the videos to play vs Castpost.

Damien Dancing/ Dominic doing Dance Dance Revolution

Alexzandra doing her Little Cats Cheerleading

Alex has Daisy Scouts tonight. I hope things go better at the meeting this week than last with her. Dave created a monster last Thursday. I forgot to share!! Oh You'll love this. My daughter wants her own cellphone now. She's 5! Long story short, Daddy= dumbass. No that's mean, but what happened was that Daddy had a bright idea, speaking sarcastically of course, to give Alex his cell phone so he could leave her at Daisy Scouts and she could call if she was scared or had a problem. I had to stay home with constipated Damien who was screaming and throwing himself all over the floor in pain. A suppository fixed all that. He had just got home and the phone rang. I looked at the caller id and saw my name on it. Dave walks in the door.

Me: "Did you give her your cell phone?"
Dave: "Yeah, is that her on the phone?"
Me: "yes. Hello?"
Alex: "hi."
Me: "what's wrong."
Alex: "nufff ing"
Me: "why are you calling then?"
Dave: "tell her she's only supposed to call when there's an emergency."
Me: "You're only supposed to call when there's an emergency Alex."
Alex: muffled talking (which was her putting the phone in her Daisy Smock pocket)
Me: "I'm hanging up now Alex." No response. "Bye Alex." Click.

5 Minutes Later Phone rings again
Me: "It's her again, You get it."
Dave: "Hello?"
Alex: "Hi"
Dave: getting angry "What do you need Alex?"
Alex: "we're making bracelets."
Dave: "that's nice, you have fun."
Alex: "bye" Click.

5 Minutes Later- Phone Rings Again
Dave: "Alex what do you want?"
Alex: muffled whispering
Dave: "Hello? Alex? Hey I'm hanging up if you don't say something." Click.

5 Minutes Later- Phone Rings Again
Me: "Alex you need to quit it."
Alex: "When are you coming to get me?"
Me: "Well you've only been there for 30 minutes and you still have 30 minutes till 7:30. Remember Daddy said I'd be there at 7:30 after I fixed Damien up?"
Alex: "Oh." Click.

After the 4th call I decided I'd get down there. The two troop leaders said she was fine and just wanted to play with the phone the whole time instead of making Easter Bracelets. I told them we wouldn't be doing that one again and if she wanted someone to call home, they could have her call me using their cell phone.


Alison said...

Daddys can be so helpful. :)

Adam's Mom said...

that is hilarious! Daddy did create a monster.

Michele said...

Hahahaha How lovely! :) Way to go DADDY! lol

I LOVE the "dancin" video!! Looks just like my daughter!! hahaha she does that sitting thing, her hands and knees and standing with that butt wiggling bouncing thing! SOOOOO CUTE!!! :)

BTW - the background of that video looks like my house, and I DONT have a daycare hahahaha Kaitlyn just has TOYS everywhere. I did just give a whole big lawn & leaf garbage bag of toys away so that should help some of the mess! :)

Adam's Mom said...

Shawn cracked up when he saw Damien dancing! Now he can't wait until Adam is older too!

Kristi Ann said...

LOL....Daddy, daddy, daddy..*shakes her head* And he thinks THAT is bad...wait till she is 14! :)