Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oklahoma Revisted, PT Conf, and 1 Very Cranky Boy

So I've been thinking hard on this moving thing AGAIN. I just don't know. How can you just pick up and leave everything and move? Does anyone have any stories? A friend of mine moved from Kansas to Colorado (her family was here) and her marriage fell apart, she was homesick, etc. The little boy I watch Nicholas, I've been friends with his mom since birth and they just moved here from Ohio back in September. They seem to be doing ok but they can't sell their house back in Ohio so they're renting here AND paying a house payment. The whole thing with the kids has me worried too transfering schools, new friends, etc. Then the house, getting it ready to sell, buying a new one, etc. Changing all your address info, tags on the cars, etc. It's a bit overwhelming when I think of doing it. I know if I said yes, Dave would be SO SO SO happy.

On the home front, Damien is a teething mess. He's grumpy nearly all day and wants held all the time. It's been rough for both of us. I've used almost a whole tube of Orajel on him. Thankfully Deanne, first time mom of Haley 8 mths, was on Yahoo Messenger yesterday and told me to put some cold grapes in my mesh feeder and see if that helped. Sure enough! He was happy as ever sucking on those grapes. Even first time mom's have great advice!

And just so everyone can see, here he is saying "Thanks Deanne!
This is yummy and my mouth feels better."

I have Dominic's 1st Parent/Teacher Conference tomorrow night. We'll be reviewing his evaluation of how his speech therapy is going. His speech is so much better but we're not out of the woods yet. He's also speaking in sentences now! Here's some examples.

"go away!"
"That's Mine!"
"No Alex!"

"Give It To Me!" and then the polite talk
"Thank You Much"
"Hi. I'm Dominic"
"See Ya"
"I Love You"

He's improving. I'm curious to see if they think he'll be able to get in on an IEP next year and see what the speech therapist thinks of his progress. I also wonder about his behavior issues and if the teacher will have some improvement on that. Wish me luck!


Deanne said...

Sabrina: I am glad to hear that Dom is doing so well with his speech! It sounds like this program is just what he needed.

Sorry I didn't get to finish chatting with you, I had a phone call that turned into an hour long conference call...YUCK! Anyhow, I am glad that the grapes helped!


Adam's Mom said...

Thankfully I've never had to think seriously about moving. I don't envy you having to figure that out! I'm sorry your little man has been so needy! Poor little guy - looks adorable in the picture though! I am glad to hear Dominic is talking better! Let us know what happens after the conference!

Jenn said...

I know moving can be sooo frustrating. Joe and I have moved 3 times and haven't even been married for 3 years yet! It's such a pain... I can't imagine how much more stressful it is with 3 kids!

That's great that the grapes helped Damien. And I'm glad to hear that Dominic is doing better too with his speech! Good luck at the conference with his teachers.