Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Overactive Imagination Parents Posess

I've been using the Babycenter website for years now but just started venturing around to see some of the other chat boards on there. I found one of interest called Speech and Language which I was pretty happy to see with all the problems we've had with Dominic and his speech problems. Uh yeah what a joke! The women on this board are so CONVINCED that their children have some sort of major speech disorder but when they list why they think their 3 year old may have it, I have to laugh. They have no idea!

I started having Dominic tested at an Early Intervention Center at 2 1/2 years when we noticed that my sister's daughter was saying all sorts of things but Dominic would just say one word sentences to us. "drink" "bath" "no" etc. They knew there was a problem but said they weren't concerned till he turned 3, the preschool timeframe. Tested him again at 2 yrs 10 mths, failed miserably, he started right after that on an IEP at the center. His schooling is free under the state till he has some major improvement. I've noticed a big difference in his speech in just the few months he's been there. He's saying sentences, just 2-3 words, but sentences!

"Mamma Drink"
"that's mine"
"Go Away"
"My toy"

There's still so many letters that he can't sound out. S, P, L, T, H, G, M, K, R, F, for example. So words sound like this

Robot= "O-baa"
Thomas= "Ta=is"
Trains- "Tw-ains"
Alex- "Ah-x"
Dinosaur= "Di-oar"
Damien= "Day-en
French Fry= "ench-I"

It's just really frustrating seeing people with kids the same age act like there's really a problem when there's not. I would LOVE for Dominic to do 1/2 the things the kids are doing according to their mothers. Here's an example of what I'd like to say to one post on there. "Your kid at 1 month older says 'Oh, I dropped my pen under the table?' Get the hell off this board! There's nothing wrong with your kid you moron!"

Headstart called yesterday about Dominic being on their waiting list. Headstart is in the elementary school Alex attends so it'd be great if he could go there, but then he wouldn't have a Speech Therapist unless the school would have one come work with him. Alex was in Headstart last year and the program was great! The teachers are awesome but the ones at Early Ed are too. If he gets in free under the IEP next year, then I'll keep him at Early Ed. I think Headstart will cost $50-75 a month. We won't find out till May what's going on as far as his schooling. I'm getting so anxious for his Parent Teacher Conference tonight. I always worry about the worst. I still have my ADHD concerns and I think they do too. The "One Track Minded" observation has came out of his teachers mouths a few times. I don't think they do the ADHD tests till next year though when they are 4. Not sure, but pretty sure it's just before they go to elementary school.

On the Oklahoma news, I searched for housing yesterday. My husband is just happy to see me looking at things and considering. He talked to his boss more yesterday and it looks like they would want us to move as close to the Tulsa area as possible so all my searching yesterday for houses around OKC area and in Norman were pretty much useless. The market is pretty much the same as here, much more new housing though.


Jess said...

Sabrina, it is wonderful that Dominic is making progress with his speech therapy! Hope the conference goes great! Happy house hunting to you.

Deanne said...

Sabrina, I hope Dom's progress continues. I can see how you are frustrated reading that other board. Did you comment at all?

nita said...

i'm researching the speech thing, too. avoid chatrooms! all the stupid people are busy in the chatrooms!

glad to hear EI is working. you know we're in it, too.

and rio is only starting to say things. and not normal things, either. things like 'flamingo' and 'igloo'. she's gonna be the weird kid :)

seriously though .. you're doing it all just right. good on ya sister.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you guys are pretty busy with moving and three small kids and speech therapy. My goodness. My SIL is a speech pathologist and I've learned a lot from her about speech issues. I'm glad to hear you are getting Dominic the care he needs and it sounds like he is doing great.

I agree with the other commenters - chat rooms can be disastrous! You have to read them with many grains of salt or not read them at all.

(Fish out of Water)