Friday, March 24, 2006

As Carlos Mencia says DEEE DEE DEEEEEEE!

Dominic didn't want to sit for this picture till I begged him with M & M's.
And Damien says "Thanks mom! I love airing out my ass and crawling super fast!" I know everyone said stay off those boards but I did go back to see if that woman responded when I told her I think she's overreacting on diagnosing her son with a speech problem but she never responded back. Hmmmm.....

Today would be a good day to buy stock in Duracell, Energizer, and Rayovac. I have went through my house and found about 25-30 toys that need batteries so I'll be stocking up on batteries this weekend. Most are AA's but then there's alot of C's and D's that are going to cost a fortune. Damien's toys are all dead. The Fish Aquarium, Leap Pad World Of Learning toy, Tad, Fisher Price Piano, and The Leap Pad Desk. Then there's about 10 or so V-tech toys that are dead and buzzing or clicking around here because the batteries are all dead. My daughter informed me her Leapster was dead and that thing takes like 4 AA's!!! I usually ask for batteries for Christmas but forgot to. Now I'm screwed. I'll have to fork out some cash. (sigh)

Oh yes! Dominic's Parent Teacher Conference! I'll just tell you we didn't go because he's just so awesome, I didn't need to hear it from the teachers. HA HA! No seriously, DEE DE DEEEEE! I'm such a dumbass. That's NEXT Thursday. Uhh yeah I felt real smart after realizing that one. I've been looking forward to it all week. Now I have to look forward to it for one more week!!

And last a video of yet another meltdown at our house. It's really short but I thought you'd all want to see what I had to go through all day. His meltdown was over a freakin poptart and magazine of mine that he wanted to rip up. I mean look at.
This is getting so tiresome with all the fits, no naps, bouncing off the walls all day. Daddy and I are at our wits end anymore. We just don't know what to do. He's so explosive over the stupidest things. A poptart and a magazine?? WTH!


Adam's Mom said...

On batteries: Shawn and I registered for rechargeable ones when I was pregnant! Best thing we did!!

On the picture: OMG that picture of Damien crawling with his ass hanging out - soooo adorable!

On the video: OMG Shawn was like "WTF is that??!!" then he watched the video and said "that poor mom!" I would love to see how Nanny 911 deals with that one!!!! Sending you hugs and Advil! Can't wait til next week to hear about the parent teach conference!

Lisa said...

How organised are you! A Battery inventory!

If I did that it would cost us hundreds of pounds! We have a great swap system where we take them from remote controls we don't really use and put them in toys, cameras whatever. The only problem is when we want to use our vcr we can never get the remote control to work!