Monday, March 27, 2006

Sims and Polygamy?? Possible? We'll find Out.

Mom I do daycare for showed up this morning with the Chicken Little Movie this morning for her daughter to watch. I swear the woman wants K to watch TV 24 hours a day. I know if I don't let her watch it, she'll cry as soon as her mom gets here telling her and then her mom will say "it's ok, I'll let you watch it again when we get home." You'd think with her being a teacher she'd be keeping her from the TV. Guess not. Pretty sad when 3 yr old can quote every word from a rented movie.

After an exhausting day in Wichita with the kids, I settled on the couch for 2 hours and watched Sopranos and Big Love. Damn you HBO. I have to say we are just loving up Big Love. The show is hilarious and Margene is my favorite character. Dave keeps teasing about going Big Love Style so I finally told him we could.......with the Sims. I'm not sure if it's possible, but we're going to try to make a Polygamist family on the Sims tonight. I'll be SURE to tell how it goes. Hopefully it's not too funny because I have a hard time trying not to pee myself playing that game. I figure he can start making wives by inviting the neighbors over and flirting. LOL

I begged Dave about making a weekend trip to OKC and Tulsa this weekend just to get out of the house and go check it out. He said no though. Mainly because he wants to see if the company will pay for a hotel and gas. Oh well. I discovered and now I can't help but play on it constantly. I checked out housing around Wichita, Tulsa, and OKC. It's a fun site when you're house hunting. You can enter how big of a house, lot, special features, etc that you want and it'll pick them out in a percentage that meets your demands, and believe me I have big demands.

We did go to Wichita though for fun. We were almost there when Dominic said "oww-eee oww-eee" but we didn't know what he was talking about. I kept smelling something and I thought it was my imagination till finally I asked Dave, "do you smell throw up?" He didn't but we pulled over at Burlington Coat Factory to check since Dominic has been known for throwing up in the car and sure enough. ALL OVER HIMSELF. Thankfully I have a huge tote diaperbag and I carry a spare set of clothes for each kid so all I had to do was change him and we were good to go. I had to cram myself in the back row of the van to change him though since we were in the parking lot and the wind was blowing 40 mph. After that we went to the mall and to Sams for some groceries. Dominic was so hard to manage, I wanted to do more but with all the fits I basically said lets do what we have to do and get home. We had so many stares and dirty looks from people. Old people were having problems due to their hearing aids exploding in their ears from his screams. Other people we're laughing from his throwing himself on the floor and us trying to ignore it. When I'd put him in the double stroller he'd put his feet on the front wheels so I couldn't push it so I was putting my weight on the back and just using the back wheels to push it around with Dominic's end of the stroller in the air. I'm sure Damien was getting a headrush while he was sleeping. When we went to Sams he was pretty good because every Sunday is sample day at Sams and he had all kinds of goodies. On the way home they all took naps which was so nice.

And last I share another bright move I made this weekend. I forgot to unclasp the lock when I opened up the hot tub with the cover helper (i'm not sure of what it's called) anyways when I went to shut the lid after we were through Saturday night, we heard a pop and when the lid came down it broke the lock off the wood on one side. Nice! So Dave's going to try to find one but until then we have to keep looking outside to make sure the cover hasn't flown up on this one side since Kansas has these horrific winds. The wind was so bad yesterday I could barely keep the minivan on the road on the highway. Ugh! One bad thing about living in Kansas is it's flat, not many trees, so the wind is terrible.


Adam's Mom said...

did it work? is your Sims a polyigamist??

Kristi Ann said...

LMAO! You crack me up!

Shana said...

That poor little girl. I'm surprised her mom hasn't gotten her a portable DVD player so she can just take it everywhere with her. I bet she has a TV in her room too. Sad, sad, sad.

Good luck with the polygamous Sims! I doubt it'll work, though, unless you're really careful, because Sims are so jealous. Let us know how it went!