Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Since having kids, I've become a slacker on going to church. Everyone will scream when they hear that we've went to church once since Alex was born. ONCE. That's pretty bad. My dad goes to church twice a week and I've went once in 5 1/2 years. I really would like to find another church, get involved, get the kids involved but it's a matter of finding the right one. The two I went to all my life are really out of the way from where we live now and I don't feel like driving 20-25 minutes to get there. We have a church in eye distance from our front porch that is a Methodist church and everyone in our subdivision goes there. We've actually went to some of the functions they have put on in the past (craft fairs, pumpkin patch) but never have jumped out of bed on Sunday morning to go. There's also other churches in the county that are LARGE which maybe those would be better so if we're not there, we're not missed!!

You really want your kids to realize who God is and why we thank God for all he has done for us. I haven't even tried instilling Faith in our kids yet and yes, I feel like quite the loser for that.


Lisa said...

I am with you 100%. In fact my children have only been to church for christenings and a wedding, other than that nothing. I feel bad as I used to attend church regularly and do want to give them the same faith that my mother passed onto me. I have pledged to take my daughter to mass on sunday, I'll let you know if I keep it!

Jenn said...

I hope that you are able to find a church that fits your family. I think it helps when the church has a program specifically for the children.

Amie said...

Thats cool that your Dad goes to church twice a week......I didn't know that? Where does he go?

As far as ya'll, I know this is unsolicited but :) I would try the smaller Methodist church. If they have a childrens program especially. They have a regular method of service and solid doctrine. As far as the "mega" church. Personally, I don't really like them. They are unpersonable and sometimes judgemental (I know that is a rude assumtion, but it is an important one). I go to a non denominational Vineyard church and love it but I actually have amemebership at a Southern Baptist so take that for what it is worth. :) I hope that you find a church that is a good fit for you.

Blessings, Amie

Adam's Mom said...

I am a spiritual person but haven't been a "church" person in a long time. I would love to find one that suits us!

Kristi Ann said...

Sabrina- I think it is great that you are even thinking about it. I am doing what my mom did..and bringing the kids to sunday school while we go to service, and when they get older they can decide what denomination they are. (Brad and I are Baptist) We arent real great about going EVERY sunday..but I think you can worship from anywhere, and GOING to church...doesnt mean anything (ask some of the hypocrites we have LOL) Glad you are giving them a chance to decide though..thats whats important