Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Book Review: Why the Chickens Crossed The Road

This morning has been insane. What's new though?! Alex was supposed to be watching for the bus while I fixed my hair but was instead watching the TV and just about missed the bus. Then there was Dominic who was supposed to be eating when he starts screaming "pill! pill! pill!" He was pointing to the nook bench where there appeared to be a puddle of pee since there were not other liquids nearby. I cleaned that up and got him changed and then a few minutes later his bus comes pulling in the drive. Damien decided that while I took Dominic to the bus that it'd be a perfect time to self-feed. He pulled his rice cereal all over himself in his highchair then threw the bowl on the floor. He was COVERED and happily jumping around when he saw me coming back towards the kitchen. I had 2 daycare kiddos (K &K) screaming when they were dropped off because they were ripped out of bed just a few minutes earlier. After their mom left K comes up and says she brought Chicken Little again and wants to watch it. I told her no. It's a rental and she knew all the words the other day when I played it, I swear her mom just has her watch TV all night at her house. I doubt she interacts with her kids and to me that's sad for her being a teacher.

When we had kids I knew I wanted my kids to have their own library. Seriously. Their own library. We have about 500 kids books if not more. I'm bad. I'd like to thank
CBOMC,Scholastic, and can't forget Amazon for tempting me with all their sweet deals. A few other thanks go to Pizza Hut's Book It Program and McDonald's Reading is a Magic Trip for the free food when the kids complete their reads for each month. As Alex has grown, we've went from board books, to preschool books, and now we're to the young child books. One I bought this month for her is Why the Chickens Crossed The Road by Mark D'Arcy. This book is so cute yet great for adults to read because it has some hidden humor to it for the adults reading. An example in it would be the two seals who are watching the chickens and say "I think those chickens smell funny." and the other seal says "no, they're just fowl." A bit corney but after reading a zillion books to the kids, I'll take anything that might make me more interested in it. The book is quite funny though and I love the chicken pictures. Mainly it's about two chickens who don't know what they are and they visit all sorts of animals thinking maybe that's who they are but when they try to do things such as swimming like fish, they find that maybe they aren't that sort of animal. I guess you could call them pretty stupid chickens and the illustrator really made them look like stupid chickens. Note the pictures below. LOL


Jenn said...

Sorry you had a rough morning Sabrina. I hope your day gets better.

I'm LOL at the book review! I love how the chickens actually look stupid too!

Adam's Mom said...

that book souns hilarious!

sorry you had a crappy start ... that's my day today oh dear!

Kristi Ann said...

LOL..Sounds like a cute book. I cant wait for Sammy to start reading. He LOVES to be read to , and will keep bringing you books till you say "enough~"

Sorry your day started out so rough!