Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another Confrontation

Today was it. I had to let off alittle steam or my head was just going to explode from this Chicken Little movie being dropped off daily. Note: Last 2 posts. Just because I do daycare, doesn't mean I let the kids watch TV all day. We paint, color, do puzzles, crafts, spend time outside ALOT lately, constructive play. We are NOT going to watch this damn movie again, once was enough.

K (the 3 yr old) pulls the movie out of the bag as soon as her mom puts the bag on the floor and says "mommy I want to watch Chicken Little." Now I can be a bitch but instead I kept my cool and said "K, we just watched Chicken Little on Monday when you brought it over, remember?" She starts to bawl. Then her mom says (OF COURSE BECAUSE SHE HATES INTERACTING WITH HER KIDS), "that's ok, we'll watch it when we go home." then to me "this is the last day we have the movie." She's going to be here at 5 and will sit her infront of the TV till bedtime when she goes home. I told her mom, "I'm sorry but I really hate to have her watch movies all day" then I try to cheer up K by saying "K what are you going to do when you go to school? They don't have TV at school." LOL

It's not that I'm against the TV, I think there are so many shows that help kids learn now, it's a great tool. Now if kids were watching Pokemon, Yu gi Oh, or Spongebob all the time, that would bother me but with the shows like Little Einsteins, Dora, and Blues Clues that teach the kids things, those to me are great shows. I LOVE Little Einsteins by the way and how they teach music.

Maybe now she'll get the point with this bawling fit K had this morning that she's letting her watch too much TV. I was as nice to her mom as I could be but I was stern and said I was NOT playing a movie more than once when she brings it. Her mom will bring the same movie for days and days wanting me to play it for her everyday. She even asks. It's pretty sad though when you're fixing lunch in the kitchen and can hear K quoting the movie. For instance when she brought Chicken Little on Monday she knew all the song lyrics and all the words to the movie. That shows you right there that there's a problem. I frankly could care less what her mom thinks. If she wants to pull them from here, power to her. That's exactly how I felt when I used to be a manager and someone disagreed with me. It's my way or the highway. LOL

Last here's some pics of our outdoor play yesterday. We were out for a whole hour but it still didn't help Dominic crash out. He was up till 10:30 PM! Ugh.


Adam's Mom said...

That's so sad! You'd think the mom would be so happy that you teach the kids every day and not encourage tv watching! So frustrating!

Kristi Ann said...

Hey I hear you on the TV. Sammy loves his Nick Jr shows...but after 9:30 a.m the TV goes OFF!! And stays off till his 1/2 hour show at bedtime! (unless of course MOMMY is watching something) It is a shame that she would raise her daughter that way. I swear you should have a license to have kids!

P.S Sammy LOVES his LIttle Einsteins! He got the movie the day it came out! LOL

Deanne said...

I think it is great you interact w/ the kids and teach them to be creative instead of watching t.v. Haley is at the age now where she will watch t.v. I let her watch part of Sesame St. in the mornings and part of Blues Clues while I get ready. After that, I don't put it on for her. I can see why you get so frustrated with that mom. Urgh!

Lisa said...

You are completely right! No one hsould have to watch chicken little at all, never mind repeatedly. In some countries it's used as a form of torture!