Friday, March 31, 2006

Wild Weather

To See what this playground equipment normally looks like, view the pictures a few posts below. I heaved it over this morning somehow. I weighs a few hundred pounds so I'm glad that it broke apart making it easier.

So we had a Tornado blow through our town yesterday and I had no idea till it was already passed!! The only reason I knew was from opening the front door window because I was hot. The wind had been blowing 60MPH all morning and I heard sirens. Sirens? We usually don't hear any Tornado sirens out here but I think with the wind blowing so hard, it was pretty clear!!! There's a golf course community that privately paid for their own Tornado Sirens since we are so far out and can't hear anything but still the course is about 4 miles away. It was so windy but the sky was just cloudy and the sun was peeking through so I turned on the TV thinking it was a false alarm. Apparently there was a Tornado that touched down in our town at this highway intersection. Let me just say I'm sure as hell glad I wasn't sitting at this 5 minute light (no lie 5 min) at that time because I would have flipped the fuck out. It damaged cars at the car lot at the corner then went back up down this highway till it came down again around Applebee's and ripped down some electric lines then bounced back up and stumbled across to our hospital where it broke out tons of car windows and then again bounced back up and started down K-61, the highway I take to my house. Luckily though, I live on the West part of town, this all happened on the East side but still the tornado was at an intersection 7 minutes from my house. Nice to know. We survived though, no one died or was injured so that's a good thing. They are saying it was a small tornado so maybe that's why no one noticed till it was too late.

Some how after all this mayhem had happened, 3 huge grass fires started also on the East side outside of town burning 15,000 acres!! They don't believe it's because of the tornado but these fires were so large we could see them from my house and we live about 25 minutes from the area. This pic is from one of the fires. I'm guessing that was someone's flat bed trailer.


Rhonda said...

glad you all are ok

Adam's Mom said...

WOW that playground equipement went over like nothing! Crazy!!