Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break Is OVER!

I woke up at 5:45 this morning! Can you believe that? I can because I was so ready to usher my kids out the door and onto the bus it wasn't even funny! I fed them, dressed them, and put their coats on 10 minutes before the bus got here. Then I stared out the window waiting and waiting. LOL I loved having them home for a week, we had fun, but my schedule was so off and they are just plain bored here at home. They LIVE for school which is good. I hope that never changes. I don't want to be the parent that has kids who hates school and refuse to get out of bed or on the bus. I was a bit worried this morning too because we are supposedly getting a foot of snow but so far only a trace. I hate putting the kids on the bus when it's yucky out. It's so warm out I can't see this snow really doing much. It's about 35-40 degrees out.

We still haven't heard on Sally the dog. We talked to our vet and he said at most the surgery would cost $500 but the pound vet is supposed to give us a price too BUT we still don't even know if those other people who put dibs on her first were going to do it. It's a freakin mess. The pound also wants shot records of all my dogs and to make sure their spayed or neutered. This is stupid, they've all been fixed and all 4 are up to date on their shots. Since the city took over our pound 2 months ago, now they have all these obstacles to adopt. I'm getting a bit pissed and may just tell them to eat it. My vet told me he thinks they're trying to be dog police and come after people but HA! I live in the County and they can't do squat to me as far as how many dogs I have or shots because there's no requirements in the County. So the city can eat a fat one. So we don't know what's going to happen with that.

Oh good news! My Cell phone is working! It seems leaving your cell phone for 10 seconds in the bottom of the toilet is ok if you let it air dry for a day. I couldn't believe it still worked. I'm just hella glad I realized it fell in before I sat and peed.

Our weekend was pretty good. Saturday night I decided to be brave again and take the kids to Braums for icecream. Ugh, yeah. It wasn't as bad as Applebee's the other day but Dominic was really wired at 7:30 PM/no nap and was hard to control. He loved his chocolate icecream though. We went to Walmart for a hour and a half last night and it was a decent trip believe it or not. I had noticed alot of people using strollers in Walmart lately so I thought I'd try it out. We took our double stroller in there and WOW! It was awesome. Damien slept, Alex checked off things on my list and Dominic was pretty mad that he was strapped in the stroller but oh well! He did ok for the most part. I'm starting to dread going anywhere with kids because it's so hard. Last night we hurried around when we got back from Walmart, got the baths done and the kids to bed so we could watch The Sopranos. Wow. I can't believe Tony's on Life Support. It's strange seeing Carmela so dramatic. I loved that scene where she broke down on Christopher. I'm also really diggin Big Love and that girl Margie. "Can I have a Car?" LOL


Kristi Ann said...

LMBO!! I think i would be glad to put them on a bus as well! I CANT WAIT for Sammy to start pre-school..he is on a waiting list...*crosses her fingers* We are hoping as soon as we get back from vacation he starts! LOL

Tuesday Girl said...

I love Sopranos too! I am liking Big Love so far.

Adam's Mom said...

Good info to know about letting the cell phone dry out LMAO too funny that it actually works again!