Monday, April 03, 2006

A Boring Weekend

Here's a new Video of Damien, notice at the end how he says yay and jumps around because I turned the fan on.

We had a very boring weekend. Kids went out and played since it was nice and Daddy and I flipped that huge playhouse climber thing over and put it back together. We then put it near the fence to hopefully prevent that from happening again. Dang wind. I did take some new pictures though this weekend.

Below is what we heard Saturday night while watching Mad TV. There's no video, only 8 seconds audio since it was pitch black out.

Now this is so much worse than the other day because frankly, it's alittle more comforting SEEING a Tornado coming towards you, than not seeing shit at 10:30 at night and not knowing if the Tornado is overtop your house. Luckily this one was SE of us by about 10-12 miles.

We both had huge headaches all weekend too due to the kids and the newest trend. You always hear how it's so hard to have kids close together in age, especially as babies, well those assvice people failed to tell how when they get older they want all the same toys and fight over every thing no matter what the hell it is. It's neverending. Alex and Dominic now fight all the time and we're not just talking alittle push and shove. It's more like WWF or UFC over a pen or a stupid mail order catalog. We've had wads of hair pulled, fingers smashed in the doors, punches to the face, biting, etc. If you take something from them that they're fighting over, they'll both go after something else and it starts all over. Maybe this is why Alex is bugging me to drop Gymnastics and take Karate. So she has an advantage?? I bet so.

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TL said...

Glad everyone is OK from that wild wild weather!