Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Puking Selfishness For Your Enjoyment

I had the ultimately the worst night of my life last night and if anyone can say they've had a night worse........I dare you to comment. Then I'll apologize for saying mine was worse.

We'll work backwards here but Dave and I went to bed at 10:30 and I could hear Dominic whining around in bed but he must have fallen back asleep. TMI: We hadn't "done the deed" for a while so of course all hell as to break loose the night we choose to. TMI Over. Afterwards I could hear Dominic whining around again but he quit so I fell asleep. I woke up again to him at 12:30. I went in this time put my hand on him and felt wet, chunky, slimy crap. Then the aroma hit me. Oh my God he puked all over his bed and he wasn't done either so I picked him up with my arms extended as far as possible and ran like a wild monkey to the bathroom with him and threw him in the bathtub and then ran to the toilet and started throwing up like crazy. Dominic was screaming and crying by now in the tub because I had just pulled him from his soft warm bed of puke and thrown him in the tub so he was a bit upset but I couldn't stop. I have the worst stomach with puke,and once that smell hits me, that's it, I'm losing it too. So Dave gets out of bed and comes in to see what the hell is going on and Dominic is puking again in the bathtub and I'm puking in the toilet and he starts trying to comfort Dominic because I was trying to through my throwing up but wasn't doing such a good Mommy job at it.

Dave gave Dominic a bath in which he screamed so loud I'm surprised the other two kids didn't wake up. I wanted to help but I couldn't stop getting sick. I got sick through his whole bath! Finally after I finished and my face was bright red from all of that, I started helping out with Dominic while Dave took all the laundry to the basement. We put Dominic on his little Spongebob fold out couch bed in which he puked on it a few minutes later so then I got out an old Barney sleeping bag and he slept next to our bed on the floor. That may sound mean but I'm not putting him on our bed because I paid $1600 for that Simmons Matteress and it's only 2 years old. Sorry. He loves sleeping bags though so he was ok. I got him to the bathroom 5 more times throughout the night. 1:45, 2:30,3:30, 4:00, 5:30 and then got up with Damien at 3:00 and at 5:00 I gave him a bottle. I'm going to be a walking zombie today considering I had to pull my ass out of bed at 6:30 to get Alex ready for school. I couldn't believe this was happening again. I mean with this, this, this, this, this, this, and this, You'd think I've dealt with puke enough the past year. I don't even think this is it considering I didn't look up all my posts, just wanted to give a few examples.

So then before all this nightly drama happened I called my mother around 6PM to tell her that Dave was headed to Oklahoma on Wednesday to check out Tulsa and meet his boss if we do move there. She freaked the fuck out. Came up with a hundred more reasons not for us to move there and told us we're being selfish and not thinking of family. Who's really being selfish here?? She's pissed that my Dad is making Oklahoma look so good and is blaming this all on him. Here's what my Dad has really told me. He says it's very pretty State, lots to do, and you really got to go where the money is. If they are offering him more in Tulsa than in Wichita and the price of living is exactly the same, wouldn't moving there be a wise choice?? We have a special map program that the company bought him for planning his work routes at home and it's 4 hours and 9 minutes from our doorstep to the office. We're not moving cross country or anything like that. She called twice last night to get her point across with the second conversation stating these things. I can't begin to tell ya how many times the word SELFISH came out.

  1. No family, no help with the kids
  2. She wasn't helping with anything as far as us moving, not even to watch the kids
  3. She hopes they change their mind (fat chance on that one the regional is thrilled about this)
  4. She'll never come visit because of the gas and she won't board her 7 precious dogs
  5. Housing can't be THAT much better there than here.
  6. I'm being selfish and not thinking of her thoughts on this whole deal.

She's hoping that something happens and we won't do this but like I told Dave, she's pushing so hard right now, I'm about to say screw the thinking, lets just get the hell out of here. We'd better start learning all the words to the Oklahoma song.


Jess said...

OMG Sabrina. What an awful night. I am so sorry about all the puking... I know what a bad tummy you have. I don't blame you for putting Dominic on the floor- no way would I ruin a nice mattress with puke!

And, I think your mom is being incredibly seflish to make you feel guilty about moving. You guys will make the best choice for your family and she will adjust to whatever you decide.

jess said...

That is the suckiest night i've heard about for a long time. Feel better soon.

Hey two Jess's!

Adam's Mom said...

OMG that is a shitty night! I feel so badly for you! I hope tonight is better for you!