Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No More least for the time being

I have decided NOT to bring up or discuss anything about moving to Tulsa with my mother. She has pissed me off so bad right now that Dave thinks I may just do the move to make a point. She has lost her mind. She says I should care less about the money. Care less about the money????? The fact that he could make thousands of more dollars moving us down there means nothing. I told her yesterday when she was here that I'm sorry but we want to provide well for the kids. I told her it'd be nice to pack away some extra money for college and her response was "well your sister Mandi put herself through college." Well that's nice except for she'll have student loans for eternity since she went to Kansas University. And It's not like she sees us or the kids much anyways. I may talk to her once a day but she sees the kids maybe about 3-4 times a month if that. Same with my dad where as Dave's parents see the kids maybe once or twice a year since they are in Arizona. Ugh. I'm done with it and she can just keep thinking I'm being selfish. Whatever.

I went to the Podiatrist about my ouchie right foot that hurts when I put my right toes down when making a step. He was the biggest rip off. He said that I had a callous in which he removed and said that sometimes that puts pressure on that nerve and he thinks this will fix it. He also gave me this little gel pad with a toe ring attached to it to wear around. I put it on last night and went to the Y and I have to say working out was so much easier. But still, I could have removed a callous myself. I just haven't pampered my feet in a while. That was not the problem. This pad seems to make it feel better on that spot so I guess I'll just wear the toe ring thing all the time.

Last I was going to ask who watched SuperNanny the other night with the pushover parents. The boys did whatever the heck they wanted and the parents just sat back and didn't even tell them no. Well that was our Pediatrician's Nurse!!!!! I knew that the episode filmed here was going to be on so I had to watch and see if I recognized them and sure enough! They live out in the country near us and so it was funny seeing the road I travel on all the time (Plum Street) out the side of Supernanny's car. I can't believe the places they took the kids to eat though. Blue Duck Bistro and Airport Steak House are NOT the places to take kids out to! Rich older people eat at those places of course they're going to turn their heads in disgust! The Carlos O'Kellys though, we take our kids there all the time. The booth they set in there is my favorite booth that I try to get when it's dead. It was interesting to watch though.

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Adam's Mom said...

I wish your mom was more supportive in your decision making process. I have to admit though when my sister moved to another province we weren't very supportive either -- it's just because we are a close knit family and we knew we'd rarely see her after the move. I hope your mom can turn things around!

As for your foot - I hope that gel pad gives you relief!