Monday, April 24, 2006

"Conjunction Junction, What's Your Dysfunction?"

That last post was completely depressing. Sorry about that! I have a lot of good memories of G back in highschool but that one will stick in my mind forever. He emailed me again and told me he's getting married in two weeks and told me what was going on with his brothers. It's crazy looking at his pics on MySpace. He's still the cute G that I knew back in highschool!

We didn't do much this weekend since D had to work on Saturday 1/2 a day. I took the kids out to the mall, got Miss Priss a haircut, tried to shop but the kids were getting restless so I'll have to go back another time for what I wanted. I was talking to a friend and Alex was kicking me in the ankle trying to give me the point she wanted to leave. Nice! Sunday we had a family reunion which was pretty boring but loved the food! Dominic ran around saying hi to everyone even if he didn't know them and Alex played with her cousins. Damien got carried around by mom and shown off but other than that he ate nearly the whole time we were there. First a bottle, then some homeade chicken noodles, Hasbrown Casserole, banana pudding, turkey, and potato salad. He drank 8 oz in watered down Dr Pepper. All the sudden he went from just wanting to eat runny #2's to wanting 5 course meals. Saturday he ate about 1/4 cup of Mac and cheese and I didn't even cut it up.

The day couldn't end without another family fight. I mean, seriously, what are family get togethers without a huge dramatic fight?? LOL My sister Jill, the one that I got in a tiff with on Easter had told my mom she wasn't even coming to this reunion because she had a 7 page report to do for school. I guess she decided to show up for the food, who knows, but she was there for a bit then said she was leaving. We were standing outside and sister Mandi tells her basically not to leave and that she put aside her homework to be there and Mandi goes to Kansas University, not the Junior college Jill goes to by the way. I could tell by Jill's face she was about to go into ass-attack mode again and sure enough she did. She started off screaming crap about this and that and headed towards some playground equipment to get her little girl. My mom said she'd watch her kids while she did her paper and Jill was having no part of that. (Maybe because I got onto her last week about dumping her kids off on Mom to go to Walmart?) Mom did get her to leave M, the 6 yr old who is Alex's buddy. Again I don't see how something so stupid could get her so peeved but it did. My mother said that she's been going on and off her antidepressents so maybe that's what her problem is, all I know is she's got some issues. This gets better.

Last night about 3 hours later, my mother takes M back to her mom's house. Jill isn't even doing her paper, she's washing her windows. She then jumps my mom saying that she's not defending her and that we're ganging up on her. She tells our mom to get the you know what out of her house and guess mom wasn't moving fast enough because she put her hands on her throat and pushed her out. So my mom called crying all upset, yadda yadda. She said she did it infront of her kids. Doesn't surprise me. Who knows what the hell is going on with J if it's her antidepressants or maybe she's doing steriods the way she's blowing up all the time. Dunno. Mom, Mandi and I are all in agreement that Jill's off her rocker (we're rarely in agreement), Jill though thinks again that she's right and splitting off ties with us. We've got one dysfunctional family that's for sure! LOL


Rhonda said...

Family get together definitely seem to bring out the dysfunction! Is J going off on her kids in the same way she is going off on you all?

Adam's Mom said...

Don't appologize for your last post! that's what blogging is for!
Now about your sis -- What a FREAK oh goodness! Someone needs to chill!