Friday, April 14, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Marie. I'm supposed to list 6 strange/weird things about myself so here it goes. Please don't run away after hearing these!

1) I eat honey with my french fries. Forget the ketchup, I dip them all in honey.

2) I shave my legs daily. I can not stand the feeling of hair on my legs at all and it drives me insane so I've always got pretty smooth legs. I can't be the only one out there that does this. I know you shouldn't and that's probably why my legs look like plucked chicken legs.

3) I am scared to death of heights. I will not ride ferris wheels, trams, anything that goes upside down, or airplanes. Anything that has to deal with heights makes me sick to my stomach and my body will go numb. While at our hotel in Tulsa I looked out the window of the 4th floor and just about tossed cookies and fainted. When I was younger my parents took us to the St Louis Gateway Arch and I cried all the way up to the top. I also froze up and couldn't move on the ladder going to the observatory in the Denver Capital building and some nice men had to help me up to the top.

4) I HATE Water. Now this drives my family crazy, ESPECIALLY when I was pregnant. You'd think I was killing my kids by not drinking water. Water makes me gag, don't know why. Dave even paid $2500 ten years ago for a water system for our house so I'd drink purified water. I'll drink kool-aid, apple juice, pop, lemonade, anything with flavor. I drink a ton, just not plain water.

5) There's a 100 + yr old tree on the way to Wichita that I honk at everytime we go there. It's our Hutch/Wichita good luck tree. When the highway was built, people fought to have it stay and so they built the highway around the tree. People decorate it with streamers, bows and there's an American flag on it. I really believe along with the rest of folks around here that honking at the tree will bring you good luck although last time I honked Dominic did throw up in the car. Dave thinks I'm nuts. Mandi are you reading?? I know you honk too!!!

6) Ok y'all here's where you know I'm from Kansas. I'm a big country line dancer and love to go 2 steppin or triple step. Cowboy Cha Cha. Trashy Women, Watermelon Crawl, 4 corners, Cotton Eye Joe. Copperhead Road. Yup. I know 'em all. Used to be a bar fly but we all know that phase of my life is over. LOL

Alright, enough about me. I'm tagging...............
Kristi Ann

Write a blog entry with 6 weird/unusual/strange facts about yourself then come back and let me know so we can all visit and read. Then tag 6 more people on your blog.


Rhonda said...

Ok, Sabrina, I played! See my blog!

Adam's Mom said...

I did it too...I am so ashamed ...

Lisa said...

Every day? Gerard is lucky if I shave my legs every month LOL!

Sara said...

The water thing! Ha! That is really interesting. Nate and I had a conversation ages ago about water, where we were contemplating if anyone in the world just hates water...being that is essential to life. I guess we've got our answer. :)