Thursday, April 13, 2006

Someone's Going To Call CPS On Me

What the fuck is my problem?!?!? Remember this?? Or who could forget this! 30 minutes in the car in the dark while I'm shopping away in Dollar General or leaving Damien in the car while visiting my dead uncle! Well guess what?? I did it again but luckily I have a pretty keen 5 year old who asked "Where's Damien?" Infront of the other Daisy Scout Mom's of course. Uh yeah, I made it all the way to the Gazebo at the park when Alex had to inform me that I was leaving Damien once again in the van. We'll just say that the reason I forgot him is because I never take him to her Daisy Scout Meetings. I have never done this in the past, just this kiddo. I love him to death so why the hell am I trying to leave him in the car all the time?? I must have ADD.

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