Thursday, April 13, 2006


This whole moving thing is starting to look like it's going to be hell. Dave told his boss today that he's not sure if we're going to be able to do it. We have so much junk to get rid of and he's saying he isn't just going to "give it away" in a yard sale. I just about cried when I thought of how much crap we have accumulated and much I need to get rid of but he's going to be fighting me on it. We have 2 Pioneer 15 in Subs in the frontroom that we can't use anymore because we bought a Surround Sound system and they won't work with it. He has stereo car boxes in the basement he won't part with, there are a total of 7-8 computers in my house he won't part with some of them. Then the fact that we have 3 kids and no time except weekends to do any of this. We were in the basement and I was looking around and just sat on the floor and told him I don't think this can be done.

Our realtor says that even though we bought our house from her 5 yrs ago at $98,000 that we should sell it at $104,000. We'd have to pay her 7% commission on top of that. That is NOT going to work. We may have to try and sell it outright. We put money into this house after we bought it. The previous owners I think knew the septic was going out. We put a new system in and that alone was $6,000. The other were things for us I guess. $1000 each on a new electric box, new back porch, and new carpet downstairs. Anyways we are still trying to figure if this is worth the hassle. My mother isn't helping with matters. She's going to be so happy if we fail at this. We talked to a title company and they said they'll do all the paperwork for $500, we just have to have a contract with the buyer and we can pick one up from Office Max. LOL I told hubby I could make a site, post pics, all the features so the ad in the paper wouldn't cost much. His company is giving us money to help with moving and closing costs, etc. If we can't get the house sold we'll wait and take our time and move to Wichita. I listed some stuff in the paper today and hopefully we'll start cleaning out this house some so it looks a bit nice, less clutter. My yard sale will be next weekend.

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Tuesday Girl said...

Good luck. We are having a yard sale this spring too. I just have too much junk.