Wednesday, April 12, 2006

9 Months Old!

Let's Share!!!

I'm a week late on this since he actually was 9 months old on 4-05-06.

Damien is getting so mobile and is all over the place now. As soon as he see's the baby gates open at all he runs to the kitchen or bathroom because he is not allowed in those areas for certain reasons. One day Dominic forgot to shut the gate and I was downstairs doing laundry when Dominic standing at the bottom of the stairs looked up and said "NO! NO! DAY-Un NO! NO!" Damien was at the top of the stairs and when I looked up and saw him there and he got a huge smile on his face and tried walking on air. Luckily I sprinted 3 steps or so at a time to catch him just as he started to do a flip down the stairs. He busted his chin and shoulder blades on the first step then his body flipped overtop of him much like a slinky and that's when I caught him thank god so he didn't kill himself. Other things he's been working on are

  • trying to eat more textured foods but still gagging all the time. Pretty good with french fries.
  • Walking against the couch and loveseat
  • Opening up drawers in the kitchen and rolling out shelves. Getting into the Lazy Susan.
  • Toys are starting to be more interesting to him. He goes to the toy box in the front room and gets things out to play with now.
  • Loves trying to take your food but then when he tries to eat it he gags on it.

It's hard to believe his birthday is coming up so quick. Somedays it feels like I just had him and others I feel like he's been here forever. I'm just glad we have him around because he's the sweetest little guy and I love him so much!


Adam's Mom said...

aawww he is just so cute! I can't believe he is 9 months old already! (Then I have to think that I could have had a 9 month old too *sigh*) Thanks for the pictures - he's a keeper

TL said...

Too cute! They can get into so much trouble so fast!!!

Rhonda said...

9 months already! Wow, time does fly. He is adorable! Love the dog food pic!

Amie said...

Adorable......sounds like Ellie's shinanagens. :)