Monday, April 10, 2006

My Head Hurts

I have had the worst headaches for about 5-6 days now. I think the stress of everything is getting to me.....or maybe it's the kids? Nah, because if it was the kids, I'd have headaches all the time.

We traveled down to Tulsa this weekend and looked around at our future home if we do this transfer. I met lovely Michelle, Dave's boss if we move there, we visited the mall, drove through Tulsa traffic HELL at 9PM, looked at some houses for sale, and stayed in a very nice little Suite paid for by the company. I'm still not set on moving. I'm really scared about the whole thing, kids being the #1 deal. Alex will have to make new friends and I worry on if Dominic couldn't get into a program there for his needs. I know money wise we could survive off his base pay but I REALLY like being able to have extra money and don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. He'd get a bonus every 3 months and sales bonus every month but still I guess I worry about it because I was planning NOT to do daycare there but if I have to I'll do it. The other thing is what if Dave hates his job then we're stuck there. Did I even say the part that they are demoting some guy and giving Dave his position?? How are the other employees going to feel about THAT one.

We looked at 3 houses. You can see pictures by clicking the red house featured tour and going to the picture part. It's weird that none of the houses have basements and they build up instead of like here we build down. We figure we'll need atleast 2500 sq feet and with no basement that's going to have to be a 5 bedroom or a 4 bedroom with a Formal Living. Right now we have 2000 sq ft, 4 Bdrooms, and a Rec room. --- yard way too small being pie shaped ---if the 1st house had this yard we'd be set. ---this was Dave's favorite, pretty roomy but 1 living area.

He's been hounding me about moving since we left but I haven't made up my mind yet. We still need to get our realtor over here to give us a market analysis on our house. I'm not planning on leaving my hot tub because I just paid it off and I'm not leaving a $7,000 hot tub for someone unless they give me $7K for it in cash for another. Anyways I'm not so good with change and this is a huge life changing event, I'm just scared to death of something going wrong. I need to make my lists of pros and cons about this whole thing and weigh it out. I'm alot like Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly. I wish his computer program that he uses was real because I'd buy it in a heartbeat!


Rhonda said...

Sabrina, moving to a new town where you know no one is scary and should be thought about carefully. It sounds like it would be a wonderful move for Dave. It you are both willing to move, you will get through it just fine. The houses are really nice! I can't get half of that for that price here!

Adam's Mom said...

My head hurts for you! It's such a huge decision! I hope you get the clarity you need!

TL said...

Big changes always cause indecision. Making a list sounds like a great idea to me.