Wednesday, May 31, 2006

3 Days Out Of School, Only Around 75 More To Go

Last night Dave and I tried using the hot tub, first time in like a month! It was great, we needed some down time together. I have set the water temp low at like 90 degrees (so we don't hard boil the baby) but with this hot Kansas weather, it is staying around 97. I doubt the jets could do any harm but I used the low setting so the water was mainly just bubbling around me. All was great for about 15 minutes till I saw something at the doorway to the garage. It was Alex and she was standing there silent, giving us the evil eyes. If eyes could kill, we'd both been dead. Thank goodness we weren't cuddling in the tub at that moment or she would have been REALLY mad. Does anyone's kids hate their parents PDA'ing infront of them? She hates it! I know when she wakes up this morning she's going to be giving me a bitch session as to why we always use the hot tub at night and she never gets to get in it. So she came over to the water and said her ear was bugging her, again. Great. This child has had just a guess here but I'd say about 25 ear infections in her 6 yrs of life and I'm so sick of it. I even have a low dose antibiotic refillable 'script we were told to give her daily for as long as we want so her ears stay dried out. I'm sure it's just the recent swimming and allergies, hopefully not another ear infection. We promptly jumped out and went in to tuck her back into bed. So much for alone time.

This out of school thing really bites. I tried everything keeping the kids busy so they weren't bored out of their mind. I let them swim, jump in the bounce around, play on, yet Alex still asked me about 10 times "what can I do?" The child has every toy known to mankind, I'm SURE she could find something to do herself. There's the 20 My Little Ponies, the 25+ Barbies and Accessories, The Dora house and every possible extra set that goes with it, The Vsmiles and the 7 games with that, her Leapster and all those games, or how 'bout the nice computer set up on her desk with all those damn Scholastic CDRoms we bought for the past couple years! She could get out the Power Wheel and ride around in the yard, ride her bike, go play with the dogs, we've even got a fullsize pool table and a foozeball/airhockey table she could play yet she still says she has "nothing to do." It's not even June 1st yet, and she's out of school till August 15th. Dominic on the other hand could play with his Thomas Trains all day without fussing. He comes up with all sorts of senerios with them it's fun listening to his imagination since we can really understand the things he says now. He'll have them falling off cliffs, running into each other on the same track, getting ate by a dinosaur, it's really funny. His vocabulary is crazy now. His sentence length is about 4-5 words now. Anyways, here's some pics from yesterday. Not sure why the date is wrong on the pics. LOL

In the Pool

In the Pool Yesterday

Kids in the Bounce Around
This cracks me up because they were jumping and with the blur Alex looks the same size as Dominic.

Damien chillin
Here's Damien chillin in the little kid chair, that's Dave's hairy legs to the right. LOL

Having Fun in a Box
A majority of the day the kids played in this box which was the box for Dominic's new big boy booster chair. He's all happy he finally got one. I am too because hopefully I won't have to fight him into the carseat now.


Jenn said...

I hope Alex grows out of the "what can I do?" phase soon for your sanity! I remember being young and always wanting to do something. We'd go camping or on vacation and my brother and I would constantly be bugging my parents to do something. I remember my mom saying to us once, to just sit down and relax (that lasted 5 seconds), but now I completely understand what they ment and I can just sit and stare at nothing for hours now!

That is too cute that Dominic has such a great imagination! And how wonderful that his vocabulary is growing, he sounds like such a cutie!

And I love all the pics. Your kids are adorable.

Kristi Ann said...

LOL....that is too funny about her asking you what to do all son PLANS our whole day....the night before. Then he's like "ok mommy?" and wont let it go until I say "thats right honey"
Anyway.. I am praying for your sanity to stay in check as well! :) I can't wait to find out what this baby is! But I am thinking PINK for you!

Sheri said...

only 75 more days tee hee hee - I hope you make it! I was just like Alex always needing something else to keep my attention. Love the pictures!