Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'd like 5 Chicken Sandwiches, A Meatball Sub, and Enchiladas De Pablano Please

Ugh, I feel so sick this morning. I constantly feel like I need to eat eat eat or I'm going to get sick. McDonalds, Subway, Carlos O'Kelly's anyone??? (sigh) I wish! I'm trying to eat like normal so I don't turn into a bigger cow then what I already am! LOL My weight right now is all over the place. I can gain or lose 5lbs either way by tomorrow. It's just fluctuating everywhere but I really haven't gained any weight since it always goes back down. Dunno.

Today is my first day, no daycare kids, in a LONG time. It'll be short lived though as of Monday, I'll have Lexi back and the girls for the day. I'm going to work my butt off around here so when D gets home I can say "see how much I can do minus daycare kid??" The boy Nick I watch is on his way with his parents back to Ohio. Their Kansas stay is now over. He was the most work and into everything around here. He also climbed gates, climbed out of the playpen and was always messing with the Xbox. I constantly was onto him. It'll be so different not having to say "No Nicholas!" every second of the day.

Damien will be the next trouble maker around here though. He's really starting to get into things by crawling around but no signs of walking yet. Hard to believe since the other two were walking by 10 mths. He'll let go of things but no steps. His newest thing to do is crawl on the floor while pushing a toy truck or car and make noises for it. It's so funny yet so freakin cute! He'll go in turbo speed around the floor in circles with one vehicle in particular that he loves. I need to camcord it.

My first Dr's Appt is next Wednesday. The kids are set to go to a friend's house and I'm ready to make sure everything is going well in there. We still haven't decided when we are telling our parents. The only one I really worry about flippin out is my Dad because he's just like that but he had 4 brothers and his Mom had a stillborn daughter so it's not like he came from a small family. Knowing him, he'll express concerns about paying for 4 and housing 4 kids since we still only have 1 bathroom! I'm not sure what D's parents will say since they live in AZ it's not like they can really say or do much except over the phone. I told Dave that when his parents come to visit in September, they're going to want to stay in a hotel instead of stayin here. By that time Damien will be into everything, Dominic is constantly jumping off the walls, and Alex is always bugging about something. The house is always a bit messy, there's always some screaming or crying going on, the bedrooms are hard to walk thru with the toys everywhere, and dinner is always something I can make in 30 minutes. They'll definitely want to stay in a hotel, I'm sure.


rach said...

When are you due?

Sheri said...

I hope you enjoyed the day with your kids! I sure hope Damien doesn't turn into a huge handful like Dominic - surely God wouldn't do that to you! I am thinking pink every day for you!

Kristi Ann said...

pink pink pink