Friday, June 02, 2006

He Got His First Hair Cut!!



Daddy did it tonight, longest setting on the clippers. Dominic's we usually go shorter. It's so cute and now he doesn't have all those long scraggly hairs but I'm sure everyone will give me crap because they loved how his hair just stood up. Complete strangers would come up and say "I love his hair!" because is just stood straight up in the air and was like an inch long. Now it's even and short. He's getting to be such a big boy now!


Kristi Ann said...

He looks So adorable!!!!!
And what a big boy he is getting to be!! Hope your weekend is going great! And the kids are behaving!

Adam's Mom said...

what a cutie pie!!! He does look older now!

rach said...

Oh he is BEAUTIFUL!!!! sO BIG!!!!!

rach said...

for some reason it was asking for a username and password to see the pictures?

Rhonda said...

Great hair cut! I wish Little Z had enough hair to cut!