Monday, June 05, 2006

Damien's 11 Months Old!

I was invited to an online playgroup so I signed up even though they are in Wichita. I figure I could go to a few of the get togethers on my days off this summer, uhhhhhh not so fast. This morning at 7:30 am as I was sitting down on the computer I heard someone at my front door. It was K and K's mom dropping them off. She informed me that she'll need me till 3 on M, T, Th and Friday till around 12. Then next week she'll need me on Th and F and a few days the week after that. She said after the 3rd week of June, she shouldn't need me till July "occasionally." I told her I could watch the kids when she needed me to but I didn't think it was going to be all the freakin time! D told me just to act like we're not home (lock the doors and be very very quiet) if she just shows up like she did this morning.

I have to atleast act like I'm home though till Dominic catches the bus around 7:25 for school. This morning is his first day back till the end of June then he'll go back mid August. I was so happy to see that bus this morning. OH HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! School has become my bestfriend with him. I need that morning break from him and he needs it from me. He's off the walls with energy from morning till night, I can't even tell you the last time he took a nap. I'm hoping he'll take one today though since he got up at 6:45.

This weekend he lost all his Thomas Trains from throwing one of the metal ones and hitting Alex in the forhead. It instantly turned into a huge welt and started bleeding. Parenting Tip #4,523- Don't ever let your GIRL see her Boo Boo. As soon as she saw this huge massive swelling blob with blood rushing out of it on her head she started screaming even more to make it sound like she was indeed dying from the injury. After a hour with ice on it, it did start to go down some. Today it's flat with a red slit and starting to bruise. (sigh)

In other news Damien is 11 months old! WOW! Time has sure flown by. Everyone loves his new haircut. He hasn't any real new milestones just a few. As soon as I say "if your happy and you know it......" he starts clapping his hands together. He also knows the word dance and will start dancing which by the way I have a new dance video in the making look for it soon. He cruises along furniture super fast but still will not stand unassisted or try to walk at all. His favorite foods are all normal people foods. He loves Townhouse crackers, Club crackers, sliced American Cheese, Shortbread cookies, applesauce, ice cream, chopped hotdog, poptarts, peaches, banana, french fries, rice, ramen noodles, those fruit oatmeal packets and cherrios. I try to feed him things that he can pick up but still feed him something usually once or twice a day with the spoon. I can't believe I need to start planning his party soon. WOW.

Only 2 more days till my first appointment. Bit scared but pretty positive things are going well in there. I think after this appointment I may start breaking the news to relatives. We'll see! I'm 8 weeks now, we were going to wait till 12 but my lower gut is getting too big again for my shorts and I've had to drag out my maternity stuff as of yesterday. Yep I'm starting to grow.


Rhonda said...

I can't believe she just showed up at the front door! How rude! I am glad that D is back in school for awhile! Enjoy it! And poor Alex! I hope she is doing better.

Adam's Mom said...

I can't believe you little man is already 11 months old! Where has the time gone?

That lady is NUTS she is so rude to just show up like that. Perhaps leave a note on the door telling her you in the back and direct her to the pot plants tee hee hee