Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow??

Tell ya what! I bust my ass year after year. I buy flowers from Walmart, Home Depot and they all seem to die and look like crap. I mean seriously, LOOK LIKE CRAP.

However the past 3 years now I've noticed we've had some nice hardy crops of pot plants popping up like we're professional Weed growers. We took them out last year but they're back again. Why can't my flowers and plants look this lush and colorful?? I would just die to have 6 Ft Tomato plants like these. I can't figure out if Mother Nature just loves growing Pot plants more then pretty flowers? Oh the joys of living in the country.


Michele said...

Ya know... it's because of the pot plants that you cant grow flowers... I bet they are sucking up all the nutrients in the soil... like tabacco does!!

Good luck! Are you drying that and selling it?? LOL :)

Sabrina said...

No Michele but maybe I should since our police dept doesn't seem to care!! I actually called the police department today to see if they could do something about it since it keeps spreading each year and they told me I had to remove it myself by mowing it and use some total vegetation killer on it. I told him "you don't understand the stems are about the size of quarters I can't just mow it." What a bunch of bullshit so if anyone sees it on my blog, I'll give them my address and they can come take it off my hands. LOL

Jess said...

LOL Sabrina! What a problem to have!

I gave up planting things in my soil because it is just too poor to let things grow well in it. I started doing my veggies, herbs and most of my flowers in pots. I got big rectangular bins to put tomatoes in and they grow really well- probably because of good soil, even watering and good drainage.

I bet you could find someone to take all that weed off your hands! :-)

Adam's Mom said...

That just cracks me up. So, so, so funny! Looks like Canada in your backyard!

(tee hee hee my word verification:
mfuck seriously!!!)

Tuesday Girl said...

please send those plants to my house asap.

Than you.