Thursday, May 11, 2006

For Your Microscopic Viewing Pleasure

Note: These are Equate tests that show a plus sign when pregnant in the circle. Well those are the test and I guess I should have taken pics yesterday because the sign has faded quite a bit. If you can tell anything with these pics you have some super duper vision!
So last night we found out my Great Uncle who had cancer passed away. My mom called me moments after it happened since he wanted to pass at home. His family was with him when it happened. Kinda strange that we find this out the same day. I was up till 11 PM cleaning since he was already asleep. So far this morning when he's called home he's been pretty normal and hasn't mentioned the pregnancy at all. He did say this morning his stomach was bothering him last night so he went to bed early then said "You're stressing me out!" Joking around but that's all he said. I'm not going to speak of it to him and just wait for him to start coming around. He's acting like he did when I was pregnant with Alex which was also an oops.

Anyways before all this craziness started, we had Alexzandra's T-Ball practice Tuesday night. It was so neat! I never expected to go to things like this with my little girl. You I guess think of those sports as "the boy activities." She loved it and she's an awesome hitter. The only problem is the night is the one she has gymnastics on so I'm going to have to see if the YMCA can put in on another day. We have so many activities coming up this summer, I hope I'm not going to have any preggo problems slowing me down. We have 8 or so T-ball games in June and July, Girlscout camp, Swimming lessons, Vacation bible school and the list goes on. I want the kids to stay busy though so they aren't bored. The one thing I hate is "what can we do?" "what are we doing today?"

Damien now has 3 teeth since getting his first on Saturday May 6th. His hands have been constantly in his mouth, I've been rocking him to sleep everynight, and carrying on my hip 24/7 for the past week, now we know why. Hopefully the pain subsides soon so he can get back to his sweet lovable self.


Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear about your great uncle.

Being himself on the phone is a good sign.... and the little joke is a good sign too. It will be ok.

Sorry I can't see anything in the pics though!

Mama C-ta said...

Wow, 5th pregnancy! Congrats, it will be a blessing just like the others. Sounds like you guys will get back to normal very soon. As normal as a couple expecting another baby can be ;)