Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's ALL Go Back To Where We Came From

After a phone call this morning to Dave's Aunt, I found out she was planning on heading to an illegal immigration rally today. I told her be careful, and don't get arrested. The whole illegal immigration thing is getting out of control. People are going to start getting hurt or even worse killed. I am probably one of the few who will say let them stay. We're all illegal immigrants anyways. We stole the land from the Indians then started coming over in herds from all over the world so maybe we should all go back to where we came from? Ya think? Let's think about this.

Me= Cherokee, German, English
Dave= Navaho, Mexican, Italian

Which country would we migrate back to if we were ALL forced to leave. LMAO
Notice Dominic doing the "loco en la cabeza" hand jesture about his mommy.

Our weekend was so uneventful. Quite boring actually. I cleaned and did a ton of laundry. I'm going to guess 8 loads. Damien is getting brave, standing unassisted before he realizes and then falls. He also started eating Fruit Puffs this weekend and is up to 2 bottles of milk a day. We're weaning him off formula at 10 mths like we did the other two. I'm on my last can of formula. Can I get a Hell ya!?!


Kristi Ann said...

Hell yeah! LOL I nurse..but I can remember buying formula for Sammy (we would supplement with him if I didnt feel like pumping) so I remember how expensive it can be! Yay for D trying to walk too! wow..sees like yesterday that you had him!

Colleen said...

I nurse too, but the biting has started, I want formula! We kept Connor off of cow's milk due to the Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. Apparently whole milk can mess up their iron intake and increase the liklihood of developing food allergies. Just wanted to pass that on in case your family has had iron problems or food allergies!

Connor hated formula though, so we had to sneak calcium into him when he wasn't looking...fortified juices, soy milk and vitamins.

How can we be a free country anymore if we stop being free? Bush is trying to take a crap on us again!

Sabrina said...

Colleen- We didn't have any problems with the other too switching them early. I only did it because my ped said it was ok and of course my mom saying "we switched you at 6 weeks to cow's milk!" Yeah 6 weeks! I guess my dad was so stingy with money back then that he wouldn't let her buy formula and said they (my parents) were on milk as babies so I could be too! LOL Anyways hopefully he won't have any reactions, we're doing two 6 oz bottles of milk a day, the rest formula until next week I'll do 3 of milk till I run out of formula. I buy those big cans so they last awhile.

Shana said...

Yep, we're all immigrants unless you're 100% native american.

People forget that a sizable portion of the southwest used to be part of Mexico. My husband's grandmother is Tejana -- born and raised in Texas -- a US citizen by birth. Her family has lived on both sides of the border for hundreds of years. She is 70 years old, has lived most of her life in the US, and doesn't speak English. She's just as American as I am.

Rhonda said...

Woo Hoo for getting off of formula! We have had a mess here in Chicago with the immigration stuff. They made a mess out of trafice when 300,000-400,000 people showed up to march. It messed up my day! I had to take Big Z to the dentist. So many stores and restruants were closed because their employees were marching. If they took all the illegal immigrants out of Chicago our public schools would loose too many students and they would have to shut schools down, firing the employees of those schools. Businesses that were closed for the march would not have any employees. I have no problem with them being here.