Friday, April 28, 2006

Damn Popularity Contests

Alex had her Daisy meeting last night. We took newspaper for the recycling thing we were doing. They were recycling to earn one of their Daisy petals. All of us moms usually stick around for the meeting to help out, chat, look at each others Pampered Chef, Home Interior, and Avon books but lately I've been finding it more and more annoying to stick around. There's a mother there we'll call Mrs. BetterthanU who simply annoys the crap out of me. Her son goes to Dominic's school and she thinks the school sucks, they aren't doing anything for her kid yet last night she told me he'll be in for his 4 yr preschooling. She didn't like when I told her Dominic got into their summer school program and her son didn't. She seems to LOVE inviting other girls over to her house, discussing it with their mothers while I'm right there, seriously I'm like sitting a chair away. She didn't invite Alex to her daughter's birthday party a few months back and Alex loves her daughter. She seems to dislike me, frankly I could care less but when she invited all the other girls and left Alex out, that pissed me off. Mrs. BetterthanU's husband did a tour of duty in Iraq last year and she likes to talk about that alot too along with wearing her "My Soldier" attire. I haven't asked any other mom's what they think of Mrs. BetterthanU because I'm afraid to get burned plus I don't want any one taking anything out on Alex. I'll just keep my mouth shut but I swear Mrs. BetterthanU is trying to make good with all the other Daisy mom's like this is some highschool popularity contest.

I get along well with all the other mom's quite well. I am quite bubbly, happy, and friendly to others. I have sorta a twangy voice but I'm no Kellie Pickler. LMAO This woman is plain and quiet but when she does talk she sounds like Debbie Downer off SNL about everything. I think I may have mentioned her in the past even as to when she told me if I have any daycare referrals to send them her way, her non registered illegal daycare. Uhhh no thanks. I'll send them to my TAX abiding daycare friends. I'm not doing her any favors.

Anyways- I ended up taking home a Pampered Chef book from Jayden's mom so I can place an order and we all chatted about T-ball coming up this summer. Several of the girls, including Alex will be on one of the coleader's team but I don't think Mrs. BetterthanU signed her daughter up. Funny thing is, I haven't even told Miss Priss that she's going to be in T-ball and when I do, she'll say "what's that?" Miss Priss thinks all sports are for boys and wants to do only cheerleading, gymnastics and wants to get into Karate but don't tell her that's a boy sport or she might just "Hoy yah" you.


Kristi Ann said...

I hear you! It is sad that some people never grow up! I see this often when i do training at boy scouts or girl scouts! And even at the schools, when 1 teacher talks as soon as the other leaves!
*shakes her head* DOES it end?

Rhonda said...

I hate the Mrs. BetterthanU's! I have what used to be a good friend who got married to a great guy, with money, and now our house is not good enough for her to visit with her now 3 daughters. If we want to get together with them we have to go to their house or meet at a park. I quit meeting up with her awhile back because I just could not do it anymore. What makes matters worse is that Q is a good friend of her husband (in the wedding).

Anyway, there is always someone that thinks that they are better than everyone else, and I just don't have time for those people!

Pipsylou said...

Wow, do you know a woman I know? I am still at an empasse trying to figure out how to handle her. Don't you sometimes wish you could just be like a guy and NOT care??????????

Anyway, this woman is cracking me up. How sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see pics of your newest family member! It's getting SO unbelievably close!