Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Will Mommy

We waited impatiently yesterday morning at the window, our morning routine, looking for Dominic's bus to come rolling down the road. Suddenly out of the trees along the highway we see Dominic's small yellow bus appear with the blinker on and turning down our road. Dominic is totally excited as usual, jumping around making sure he has his jacket on, shoes on, and finds his Thomas bookbag.

Dominic: "School! School! Bus! Colleen!"
He flies out the door running for the bus in the driveway.

Me: "Have fun at school!"

Dominic: "I will Mommy!"

I actually felt like this light adrenaline numb type feeling go through my body hearing him say that. A lump in my throat. I was taken back. He actually answered me, no parroting, no one word or two word sentence, no babble, an actual answer that he understood what I meant when I said "Have fun at school." I know to some people hearing your kiddo answer a question is no big deal but with Dominic being so far behind at 3 years old this was a huge deal. I immediately called Dave to tell him what he said. He too was stunned. Answering questions is something Dominic can't normally do except for if you ask him if he wants a drink or wants to eat, those type of questions if he's paying attention long enough to answer since he's constantly on the go. According to the school he has less than a 10% accuracy on answering a question.

School is definitely doing him wonders. Just last night I yelled at him for pushing Damien down on purpose and he said "Sorry Momma, sorry." Now I don't think he was actually sorry for doing it, he just knew it was the right thing to say. He's starting to ask "what that?" all the time now too. It makes us really feel good about getting him in the program. I know the best thing they could have told me during his screenings was that I was wrong and he's a smart little boy but I'm glad I had my concerns and took him in. Guess why they say Mother's know best.


Jess said...

That's great that you can see him making progress, Sabrina!

TL said...

That is fantastic and congrats! I know it has to make you feel so good to know that he is learning so much!!

Deanne said...

That is wonderful Sabrina! It sounds like this school is the best thing for him. You are right, you do know best!

Alison said...

Sounds like he's making good progress and that school has been wonderful for him.

Rhonda said...

I am so glad he answered you! It is a huge step for him! I am glad school is helping! Way to go for not being afraid to admit he needed help. I worked with so many parents when I was teaching that just would not admit that their child need help. You are an awesome mom!