Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Pictures

Well Damien's evening sleep was a bit better last night but Friday evening Dave made me sit on the couch and listen to him scream. I finally went in there and he was wearing down and I just stroked his head till he drifted off.

Here's some recent pics. I have one boy who LOVES TRAINS, remember his Thomas Addiction?

And the other LOVES Trucks and Cars and pushing them all over the house.
But with Alex, you'll find her writing letters, making sentences rather then playing with toys.

And Damien now has 4 big ol' pearly white teeth! All came through in less then a week. Boy was that fun! You should have all stayed the night over to help get up with him!

I tried to take another group shot the other day, and this is the best one I got out of 20. Uh yeah it looks pretty bad and I swear Dominic isn't sedated. Thank God for Digital Cameras.

We had Dominic's Class Recognition went well except he was shy and sat the whole time on his teacher's lap (in the green) so you won't see him in this picture but the rest of the kids were singing. It was cute.

He did let me take a picture of him in the classroom though.

Here is Alex after her Kindergarten Graduation at her desk.

And here is her getting ready to bridge over to Brownies! As of October she'll be a brownie! Ebay I'm coming to you for cheap Brownie attire!

And then for a treat friday since school was out for both of them, I let her take a friend to one of the water sprinkler parks. Plus it's free, can't beat that.

And Dominic had a ball himself. Afterwards he went home and took a LONG nap.

Life is really good right now. I couldn't be happier! I am so excited for January to get here so it can turn a thousand times better.

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